Top 10 Best Company Secretaries in Hong Kong


    People have been incorporating companies in Hong Kong for a long time due to the country's many corporate benefits and investment opportunities.

    To incorporate a company, one of the biggest requirements is to appoint a company secretary.

    This article will discuss what a company secretary service is, what they do, and how they help companies stay compliant and manage their business.

    To simplify your search, the article will also provide a comprehensive list of the top 10 company secretary services in Hong Kong.

    What is a company secretary?

    A company secretary is a company representative responsible for ensuring all compliance requirements are met, and all of the company’s operations are following the law.

    Here, the law includes all statutory provisions, regulations, and the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

    The role of a company secretary is extremely important to a company as the company secretary is in charge of all compliance and corporate governance procedures.

    Lastly, a company secretary can either be a Hong Kong resident or a corporate entity registered in Hong Kong. 

    What does a company secretary do?

    Not only is it an extremely important role, but it is also a legal requirement as you can be taken to court for operating a company without a secretary.

    The main function of a company secretary is to act as a middle man and bridge the gap between the company and the Hong Kong government and its regulatory bodies.

    This means that the company secretary is responsible for liaising with government bodies and answering all their queries.

    Moreover, a company secretary ensures compliance with all government requirements for operating a company.

    These include facilitating tax compliance, filing tax returns, and getting authorization for the business on any particular tax issue. 

    Other duties include maintaining the company’s statutory books and records for easy access when information and documents are required for submission.

    A company secretary also organizes and attends board meetings, follows up with post-incorporation procedures, and collaborates with different stakeholders within the business.

    Moreover, the legal secretary arranges all company meetings and notifies the relevant authority of any statutory changes within the company. 

    So let's have a look at the top 10 company secretaries in Hong Kong.

    We used our Company Secretary Review as well as a pricing and client profile analysis to conclude this list.

    1. Air Corporate

    Air Corporate is a popular online corporate secretary service based in Hong Kong which specializes in registering your company remotely in Hong Kong.

    They use a cloud-based platform which makes registering your company extremely fast and easy, which makes it one of the cheapest full-service company secretaries available starting at only $90.

    This process only takes a few hours, guarantees success, and does not require you to come to Hong Kong at all!

    Other services offered include online business management, where business portfolios and company documents can be accessed at all times from anywhere in the world.

    What makes Air Corporate unique is that they provide the perfect balance between technology and human touch which allows you to reduce costs and manage your business effectively.

    2. Sleek

    Sleek is another leading corporate secretary service based in Hong Kong which has been featured on multiple online platforms including TechCrunch and Yahoo! Finance.

    Through sleek, you can incorporate your company in no time through their fast, efficient, and transparent secretary service.

    With Sleek as your corporate secretary service, you can manage your business and benefit from simple solutions from anywhere in the world. Sleek also offers accounting services as it is a certified Xero Platinum partner.

    Now, Sleek has amassed approximately 4000+ clients in over 110 countries covering 20 different industries. 

    3. Osome

    Osome is a well-known corporate secretary service in Hong Kong that specializes in company registration, accounting, and tax.

    When it comes to company registration, Osome will incorporate your company in no time with its online fast-track business account services.

    The best part is that there's no paperwork or any extra charges since Osome covers all government fees and prepares all documents themselves leaving you with nothing to worry about!

    Their accounting and taxation services ensure that all taxes and reports are filed on time and provides you with a personal chartered accountant that answers all your day-to-day queries.

    To put it in numbers, Osome has 7,500+ clients and 89% of them would recommend them to other companies.

    4. Fastlane Pro

    Fastlane Pro is a corporate secretary service that operates in Hong Kong, China, and ASEAN region.

    They offer a diverse range of professional and corporate expertise in auditing, company formation, HR advisory, and cloud accounting.

    Clients have declared Fastlane Pro as perfect for start-ups due to their fair pricing, efficiency, and trustworthy consulting.

    Their services include CFO advisory, payroll facilitation, and MPF administration, employer tax filings, preparation of annual returns, bank account opening services, company formation, and online accounting and bookkeeping services.

    The company is a licensed CPA firm, enabling them to provide comprehensive professional services which streamline your operations and grow your business.

    5. La Nao Consulting

    La Nao Consulting is a popular professional services firm based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Bueno Aires.

    The corporate secretary service offers integrated solutions to corporations aiming to enter the Chinese market and seeking to grow their operations.

    Their services include opening company bank accounts, company incorporation, corporate governance, secretarial services.

    Not only does La Nao Consultancy have expertise in corporate services but offers excellent advice on Chinese business strategy, accounting and finance, and international law matters such as intellectual property, multi-jurisdictional contracts, and dispute resolution.

    6. Nova Group

    The Nova Group is a leader and innovator in Hong Kong’s corporate services industry who specialize in compliance, audit, and digital transformation services.

    They have a diverse pool of clients ranging from multiple companies across China, Singapore, and the Asia Pacific region.

    Founded in 2009, the group currently provides corporate secretarial services to nearly 1,000 businesses across 50 countries

    The services offered include expertise in corporate administration, accounting, advisory, and taxation.

    The team includes experienced company secretaries, accountants, and cloud specialists who leverage the latest technologies to deliver excellent tailor-made client services.

    The Nova Group is trusted corporate secretarial services with multiple international partners including Adobe, HSBC, and Salesforce.

    7. TMF Group

    The TMF Group is a leading provider of administrative services that helps its clients operate their business safely and transparently.

    The TMF Group Hong Kong has a local team with a broad range of expertise in company secretarial duties particularly concerning legal entity incorporations, group reorganizations, and solvent liquidations, IPO support, registrar and shareholder services, and ongoing corporate secretarial compliance.

    The TMF Group will support your business by ensuring you are compliant with all local regulations and will provide regulatory support and risk management for all company business transactions.

    The TMF group currently provides secretarial support to corporates, financial institutions, private equity firms, asset managers, and real estate investors.

    Their client roster includes approximately 60% of the Fortune Global 500 and FTSE 100. 

    8. Sovereign Group

    The Sovereign Group was founded in 1987 and was initially based in Gibraltar.

    However, it has grown rapidly and now manages over 20,000 clients worldwide.

    Sovereign’s corporate services provide company formation and management in all major jurisdictions and industries.

    Through Sovereign, your company can benefit from comprehensive expert advice with assistance in tax and regulatory compliance.

    Moving forward from company formation, Sovereign can also help with obtaining local licenses and permits, HR advisory, insurance, trademark, and intellectual property protection.

    Within the Asia Pacific region, Sovereign is based in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore and has a strong presence and multiple offices in EMEA region as well.

    9. Ocra Worldwide Group

    The Ocra Worldwide Group delivers tailored client solutions worldwide.

    The group is an association of multidisciplinary experts around the world with the aim to develop solutions that generate maximum benefits while reducing costs for their clients.

    Currently, Ocra Worldwide serves 20,000 client companies in more than 80 countries and offshore jurisdictions.

    They have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Samoa as well as several offices in the EMEA region as well.

    Their services include company incorporation, offshore banking, professional intermediaries, global business management, and AML screening.

    10. Apac Intelligence Group Ltd.

    The APAC Intelligence Group is a multidisciplinary company that provides a range of services including company secretarial, accounting, business, marketing and communications, training solutions, and event management to support the growth of your business.

    Initially starting in Hong Kong, the company has expanded into Mainland China and Asia and has been operating for almost 25 years now.

    APAC Intelligence is a one-stop-shop for all things company secretarial including the provision of company formation, documentation, office registration, free name check, and management services.

    The company has been rapidly growing for the last few years as exceeding client expectations and providing highly customized services are a huge priority.

    Why choose a company secretary

    Professional Expertise & Years of Experience

    Corporate secretary services have years of professional experience and formal training.

    This not only ensures that you are in safe hands but gives your company access to global expertise 24/7 making operating your company extremely easy and convenient.

    As a company secretary service that specializes in corporate governance, they have additional resources and stay updated with recent developments within the regulatory framework to ensure your business is compliant at all times.

    Better Allocation of Company Resources

    Hiring corporate secretary services allows you to move all things compliance and administrative to them and removes a huge burden.

    This allows you and your employees to focus on tasks that require your own expertise and cannot be outsourced to other companies.

    Moreover, sometimes meeting compliance requirements can be very complicated, and carrying out such tasks incorrectly can cause a huge delay to business growth.

    Therefore, using a company secretary services that have been operating for years can prevent you from ever experiencing this delay.

    Final Words

    Appointing a company secretary is an important legal requirement to incorporate a company in Hong Kong.

    Regardless of whether the company secretary is a person or a company, their role is extremely important to manage your business smoothly and ensure that it complies with corporate regulations.

    Therefore, it is extremely important for you to understand what corporate secretary services are available to you to make a decision.

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