Ep. 1: Getting Funded in the East and the West

Come binge with us.

For the 1st episode of Business Binge, we had the pleasure to discuss with Siddhi Mittal, Co-founder of yhangry and Ilya Kravtsov, Founder of PouchPASS.

yhangry is one of the first affordable private chef platforms founded on the shared passion for making private chefs service accessible to the public on its co-founders. Private chefs no longer is a term for the rich, anyone can be hosting an exclusive and delicious dinner anywhere, anytime. The pioneering business has just secured US$1.5M on its seed-funding round, leading Yhangry to the first ever success in its field.

PouchPASS is practically ensuring public safety in one app, especially in this pandemic. The crowd-management app enables everyone to update their health status, bringing working in the business back safer than ever. Their innovative success landed them US$2M of funding, opening much more opportunities for them.

Listen to this episode to hear more about Siddhi and Ilya's entrepreneurial journey in Getting funded in the East and the West on Business Binge

[Full transcription coming soon]

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