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Is Employer Branding Really Essential For My Small Business?

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Well, that depends whether you want to attract stars or moon dust!

As many small businesses often wonder “what if I don’t have a big budget”?

You may be surprised to learn that employer branding strategies for entrepreneurs and start-ups don’t necessarily require a large financial outlay.

Check out this video to hear more about the five practical low-cost tips you can immediately use.

Let's have a look to Top frequently asked questions and suggested tips by every small business owner:

Tip #1. OK, this sounds good, but what must I do to start?

The first thing is to work out your ‘unique selling proposition. Consider what sets your company apart and why potential applicants should opt for you. Think about your company culture, public image, or clearly defined job roles.

What is the purpose of your business?
Paint a plausible picture of the working lives that your candidates can expect - allow them to see existing personnel and images of the physical workspace - and work out if their values and goals align with your own. A coherent Employer Value Proposition with clearly defined parameters is essential.

Tip #2. That sounds sensible; what else can I do which doesn't cost the earth?

You need to harness the power of social media. In this day and age, you can't afford to ignore social media. It plays a key role in employer branding. Motivate your team to share corporate events, write engaging blog posts, tag business locations, upload photos and videos, and post relevant and positive comments.
Your company should have a presence on all the main platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, and should be regularly updated to create followers and visitors engaged and involved. You can also use social media as a highly effective recruitment aid with a potentially global reach.

Tips #3. How can I make my company sound more attractive to candidates?

You need to offer more than a conventional job advert. Think about ways you can convey the sparkle of your company within the confines of job descriptions.

You can also try and underline the positive vibes and enjoyable experiences that working for you entails - for example, certain technological implementations and family-friendly working hours.
If you are competing with many other businesses, you need to think of ways to stand out, and the best approach would be to Curate marketing videos with welcoming messages and post them on career websites and pages.

As seen, Statistics show that multi-media recruitment advertisements have more views and a higher number of applications.

Tips #4. Does sharing authentic work experiences help?

Yes definitely! Keep things real by sharing genuine work experiences. Content genuinely created by existing employees is an excellent way to boost your recruitment numbers.

Allow your brand values to shine by encouraging your team to share positive stories or achievements on major recruiting and marketing platforms like LinkedIn. Upload employee narratives with snapshots, podcasts, and blog posts.
Remember, Employees are your most valuable assets when it comes to developing branding, as they are viewed as the most reliable source of the experience of working for your company.

Tips #5. What else can I do to boost the profile of my company?

The best approach would be asking employees and candidates to write company reviews via social media sites and marketing platforms to help establish a believable range of perspectives on your organization.
This should be maximized by providing quick-fire responses to all online reviews, good and bad. This demonstrates that you genuinely care about your team's well-being, your company's ethos, and applicants. The effects are even greater if they are from people high up in the management structure of your company, such as directors and CEOs.

If you have more questions about employer branding, please get in touch with Julio or visit Happyer’s website.

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