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List Of USAA's Routing Numbers In The US

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For domestic and international wire transfers, the USAA routing number is 314074269

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number (also known as ABA which stands for American Bankers Association or RTN which stands for Routing Transit Number) is a nine-digit number that is used by banks or other financial institutions to identify where your account was opened in order to send or receive money.

Each bank will have its own specific routing number assigned to them to reduce the chances of miscommunication. In cases where the wrong routing number was provided during the transfer, it can cause your transaction to be delayed, or denied, and if it was approved, it could be transferred to the wrong account.

USAA Routing Numbers For Wire Transfers

For USAA's customers, the same routing number can be used for wire transfers, ACH payments, and checks.

Since USAA does not have its own SWIFT Code, the bank uses an intermediary bank as a partner to receive international transfers.

Type of Wire Transfer USAA Routing Numbers
Domestic Wire transfer 314074269
International Wire Transfer as FFC to USAA account 314074269
SWIFT Code of The Bank of New York Mellon (Intermediary Bank) IRVTUS3NXXX
Account number of intermediary bank 8900624744

For transfers with a SWIFT Code:

For a transaction to USAA's bank account that requires a SWIFT Code, the sender will need to transfer the money first to The Bank of New York Mellon (intermediary bank), where the transaction will be in a 'further credit' transfer,

The sender will be required to use the intermediary bank's address, account number, and SWIFT code:

The Bank of New York Mellon's Address:

The Bank of New York Mellon

225 Liberty St

New York, NY 10286

The Bank of New York Mellon's Account number: 8900624744

The SWIFT code for The Bank of New York Mellon is IRVTUS3NXXX.

For transfers without a SWIFT Code:

For a transaction to USAA's bank account that does not require a SWIFT Code, the sender should provide the routing number, account number, full name, and physical address of the recipient, while using USAA's bank address:

USAA's Bank Address:

USAA Federal Savings Bank

10750 McDermott Freeway

San Antonio, TX 78288

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How To Find Your USAA Bank Routing Number on a Check

An infographic outlining the routing number, the account number and the check number on a check.

To find your USAA bank routing number on your check, all you need to do is see the "bottom-left corner" of your check.

The routing number on a check for most banks in the U.S. is situated at the bottom-left corner, followed by an account number and a check number.

How To Find Your USAA Bank Routing Number Online?

Double-check your routing number with both your bank and the recipient.

You can find the USAA routing number online by:

  1. Checking the USAA Routing Numbers in which you need to make payments. See the routing number for wire transfers.
  2. Use USAA ABA Routing or USAA Mobile app. Note that you will need to provide the state zip code to determine the rate and fee.
  3. Check or statement issued by USAA Bank


Why do I need a routing number?

You need a routing number to ensure that all of your transactions are transferred to the right destination securely.

Your routing number can also be used for other banking activities such as bill payments, direct deposits, and automated online payments.

How do I find my USAA Bank Routing number?


Is '314074269' a USAA bank routing number?


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