Why Your Supplier’s Bank Matters in International Trade

Learn why your supplier's bank matters


    Your supplier is an important part of your business, especially when you decide to jump right into some international trading.

    You need to form a good relationship with them, making sure that both parties are going to benefit from this connection and that you will be able to see some of the business growth that you planned on when you started that agreement. 

    While there are different things to consider when choosing a supplier, one aspect that is easy to overlook is which bank they choose to conduct business with.

    As an international trader though, this is an important consideration that should make the difference on who you choose as your supplier. 

    Some of the reasons why your supplier’s bank matters in international trade include:

    Brings a Level of Reputation

    The type of bank that your supplier uses can bring a level of reputation to your business too.

    When the bank is a highly respected one, one that has a large reach around the world and is well respected, this is going to be good news for your supplier.

    The bank already has a name that you can trust, one that will ensure that payments go through well and nothing gets lost in the fast-paced business world. 

    This is also a good sign for the supplier you decide to use.

    If they have a strong enough business plan and run a tight ship with their work, then they can attract some of the top banks and will be able to maintain their accounts there.

    If they use a bank that has a high reputation, it is a good sign that they are going to be a good supplier to work with. 

    Be careful with a supplier who uses a bank you do not recognize or one that has bad reviews.

    Newer banks are sometimes a problem, but it will depend on how they market themselves and whether they have a chance to succeed and grow.

    Always look at the reputation of the bank to see whether it is one that will hold fast to their promises and provide some of the best services as you do your work.

    There is even a small minutia to the payment game where if you can end up paying your supplier in a relevant currency, like if the RMB appreciates over the US dollar for instance, then you might find yourself in a more advantageous situation as it comes to your contract negotiations.

    How Fast Funds Process

    Some banks are known for being notoriously slow when it comes to processing funds and making sure that you or the supplier has the right funds needed to complete certain actions.

    When you add in the international aspect of your business, the time to process these funds can take even longer and could bring all of your business functions to a grinding halt. 

    No one wants to wait a week or more for the funds to process before they can initiate their international trade or even get started on a project.

    Your supplier should be aware of this and hopefully choose a bank that is able to process through funds as quickly as possible. 

    Banks who are mindful of their business partners and know-how to process information quickly will be some of the best ones for you to work with too.

    Some of the best for international trade are able to offer guarantees on the money, allowing the supplier to utilize and spend the money as soon as you send it, even if it hasn’t been fully processed through at the time.

    There are different steps that need to happen and you may need to do some verification, but it can help to speed up business and production and helps you get ahead during international trade. 

    The Right Security Measures

    Your supplier needs to have the right bank to provide protection for anyone who uses them.

    If security is a problem, information can get lost or stolen, which will put both you and the supplier at risk.

    This is even more important when you do international trading because it can make a difference in how successful your business will become. 

    Before you choose to go with any supplier at all, make sure that the bank they use has some of the top security in the area.

    Don’t know what is considered high-grade security? Now is the time to learn.

    The banking industry itself will have certain regulations that they need to uphold to keep customer transactions and information secure.

    But this can vary from one country to the next.

    Just because there are security protocols that are normal in one country does not mean the bank is following them in the other countries you would like to work with. 

    Ask about the banking security measures to ensure that you are able to keep the security around these transactions.

    They need to at least meet the minimum for the country that you want to trade with, if not higher.

    If there is anything about the security that seems lacking or makes you nervous, it may be a better idea to work with a different supplier who has a better bank. 

    With all the hackers out there who are just itching to get ahold of your personal and financial information, security is not something that you can just forego and assume will all be good.

    Hackers are good at their jobs and the finances of your business and that of your supplier are on the line, so only work with banks that have the best security measures. 

    Seeing Success with International Trade

    There are a lot of different components that need to come together when it is time to do international trade for your business.

    While looking for your supplier, it is easy to just focus on their customer service, the numbers they provide, and some of the other aspects of working with them.

    These are all important, but you need to dig a little bit deeper and look at some of the other aspects of this business, such as which bank they use.

    Finding out this information can make a big difference in your security, how easy it is to work with that business, and how much success you have with international trade. 

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