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Got your headquarters, suppliers, clients in Europe?

No transfer fees for all your EURO payments

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

Your business requires periodic intra-group payments from/to Europe. Then you get charged transfer fees again and again and again. Painful!

It's not just intra-group payments either. Clients and suppliers payments with Europe are getting skimmed with transfer fees too.

Change the rules of the game with your new EURO IBAN Account

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No transfer fees for all EURO payments from/to Europe

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Accessible from Hong Kong

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Unique IBAN number

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Same day payment

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Easy as 1,2,3

Special Offer

Are you a corporate member of the French, Spanish, or Italian Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong? We've got a neat offer just for you:

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For your business

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Unlimited Euro payments in Europe for ONLY 148HKD/month. Pay as much as you like.

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0.2% FX commission for any currency conversion to EURO. Safe 50% minimum compared to traditional banks.

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Customer support in your native language e.g. French, Cantonese, Italian, and Spanish

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For your business

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Set up split payments for your expatriate staff's salary. Part in Hong Kong, part in Europe for an easier salary experience.

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And keep them happy as they save costs each month to pay their bills back home.

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Only 88HKD per month

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