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My name is Vivian Au, Founder of Air Corporate. For many years, I worked at big accounting and company secretary firms in Hong Kong. Yes, I was the lady making you sign tons of papers to register your company and taking you to the bank to open your company account. Boring, I know. One day I woke up. My job had become frustrating. My employers were just satisfied with a mediocre service level, no innovation or fee transparency. I was not getting any younger and wanted to do my own thing. I started Air Corporate to make the life of entrepreneurs and SMEs easy. Create a Hong Kong company online, remotely, 24/7, success guaranteed, seamlessly, paperless and at the right price. Those were and remain the ambitions. A few years down the road, we incorporated and still manage hundreds of companies, thanks to an amazing team. We have become a tech company with strong backing from the local tech community. But I never forget that Air Corporate is an entrepreneurial story…the same as yours. I know the challenges of starting and running your own business. If you have any questions about us, or any comments about our service, please contact me at

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English, French, Cantonese, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese

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4 Apr 2022

I am very appreciate Statrys Team for…

I am very appreciate Statrys Team for really helpful and always in-time...


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15 Mar 2022

Let's start with I usually hate banks

Let's start with I hate banks. But not Statrys. The user experience is...


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4 Mar 2022

Doing business with Statrys

The process for creating the accounts was simple and straight forward. The...

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