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Corpag Services (Asia) Limited


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About Corpag Services (Asia) Limited

The Corpag Group provide corporate management, administrative and fiduciary services to our private wealth, corporate and fund clients since 1972.

We focus on clients trading and investing internationally, who wish to have their global businesses managed and administered in a safe and efficient manner and who apply the highest ESG and Fiscal Integrity standards just like us.

The Corpag Group is a privately owned, fast growing organization with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, USA, BVI, Curaçao, Central America, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa.

In Hong Kong, we are dealing with the Hong Kong company and trust needs of our international clients (both corporate and High Net Worth Individuals) together with our Hong Kong based partners and serving the needs of Hong Kong based intermediaries and clients for services needed in Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, and the US.

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Room 101, The Lucky Building, 39 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong


English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch


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