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About Hong Kong Commons Limited

Hong Kong Commons is a venture capital sponsored serviced office and co-work space for accomplished and engaged entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals. Mission In partnership with our friends including TEDxHK, SME Creativity Center, InvestHK and the many investors and eco-system professionals in our network, our goal is to foster and support venture capital style private sector growth of a vibrant socially and financially rewarding entrepreneurial community in Hong Kong. Services: - Shared & Dedicated Web, Email Hosting: Fast, inexpensive, secure hosting solutions - Web development & consulting services: We have a team of skilled web analysts and developers ready to help - Corporate Formation and Registry: We can help you figure out where and how to establish and structure your companies - Tax & accounting - Business & Strategic Consulting - Financial Advisory: Raise capital or consider strategic options for your business

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25/F Workington Tower 78 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan


English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese


AccountingAuditTaxDue DiligenceOffshore ClaimCorporate Financial ServicesIntellectual PropertyArbitrationCorporate Legal ServicesCompany IncorporationCompany Secretarial ServicesPayroll and HR ServicesImmigration Services

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