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Statrys CompSec Score & Ranking Explained


    Compsec Score calculation

    The Compsec Score is calculated on a scale from 1 to 5. To determine the CompSec score, Statrys clients review their respective company secretary services according to a number of factors on a scale of 1 to 5. These factors include.
    • the quality of advice
    • the responsiveness
    • the accessibility to documents
    • the support in opening a business account
    • and the value for money with their services.
    These scores are then averaged to arrive at an overall CompSec score.

    From CompSec Score to star rating

    After the calculation, a CompScore is converted into a star rating from 1 to 5 stars, including half stars. The star rating will be rounded up or down to a half or full star.

    Note: A Compsec Score will show as 0 until they receive their first review.

    From CompSec Score to ranking

    The formula for ranking company secretaries considers two factors: time span and frequency.
    • Time span. The CompSec score gives more weight to recent reviews and less to older ones. The most recent review holds the most weight since it gives the most current insight into customer satisfaction.
    • Frequency. We encourage our clients to rate their company secretary often in order to maintain an updated CompSec Score. Because the most recent review holds the most weight, a Compsec Score will be more stable if reviews are coming in regularly.

    Where can I find the CompSec Score?

    A Compsec Score is located at the top of each dedicated company page or is located right beneath each company name on the Statrys Company Secretary review page. For a complete list you can check our Index.

    Got more questions about CompSec Score?

    Contact us for more info about CompSec Score and other incorporation related topics.

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