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Chinese suppliers are preferring to get paid in RMBLock-in Premium USD to RMB Trades.
USD to RMB Exchange rate
10%Increases during the last year
6-10%Forecast appreciation for 2021
The RMB has appreciated 10% in the past year. Thats MASSIVE in the FX world. That means the stronger the RMB you have, the better deals you get. We convert your currency at the best rates so you too can wield the power of a strong RMB.

Make better deals with China suppliers

by leveraging RMB payments

"With Statrys’s preferred FX rates, I was able to use RMB to renegotiate a better deal with my suppliers in China and save more in the end"
Nicolas Morales, Medellin Imports Co.
payment-settlementNegotiate Better Prices
payment-settlementget a smaller upfront payment
payment-settlementLonger payment settlement

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We don't charge a single fee for Forex Accounts. All Statrys Business Accounts get a free Forex Account!
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Make any trades on your Statrys Forex Account in 11 currencies at all hours of the market-days.
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Not only is your Forex Account completely digital, but your Statrys Business Account is 100% online, with 100% transparency.

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  • The Statrys Payment Card (Coming Very Soon)
Converted to RMB
in more than

Pay 0% FX Commission when Exchanging any currency to RMB.

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