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The frustration felt that led to the creation of Statrys comes from a very real place

In a world that is becoming progressively more globalised and tech-driven, you would think that expanding a business across border would be simple. But that is not the case for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Compliance, reliability, fee transparency and nationality constraints are just some of the obstacles that make applying for a business bank account more difficult; or that lead banks to not even wanting to engage with small businesses. These barriers were found to be a mutual commonality amongst business owners in Hong Kong and overseas.

We believe that entrepreneurs deserve better banking solutions

In a few words, Statrys is a modern and innovative platform designed to cater to SMEs and entrepreneurs seeking flexible payment services and advanced Forex solutions that will enable them to grow their business internationally. With Statrys your business knows no limits. The platform is 100% online which means all services are available to you around the clock, no matter where you are in the world. But you must have heard all this from FinTechs before

What we do to serve

Global and in constant evolution

Statrys is an affordable, dependable, and transparent digital payment services platform, designed to adapt to any business, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a well-established business. We are continuously trying to top ourselves, always on a mission to keep evolving, and finding new service offerings to offer you the best possible experience of Statrys.

Human Touch and Transparent

We understand how discouraging rejections are, no one likes to feel like they have hit a dead end with their business. Anything to do with your business feels personal so we put at your disposal different channels of dependable support and communication. And you can be sure that nothing is automated, you will always hear from real people with real experiences in solving business problems. Our team is multi-national, we’re a global team that knows no boundaries, and this is really reflected in what we want to help you achieve using Statrys.

Grow and expand

Our website is also constantly being updated with relevant resources to assist you and inspire you. We make a promise to be there right by your side whilst you make big moves and shifts for your business.

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