Advanced FX

Need an edge? It’s time to hedge.

Advanced forex services help your business protect against currency fluctuations and uncertainty

Real-time exchange rate

Real-time exchange rate

Spot and Forward orders

Spot and Forward orders

Forex exposure hedging

Forex exposure hedging

Forex services you can count on

Forex services aren’t just for big companies, they’re for your business too.

Real-time exchange rates you need

11 currencies. Infinite possibilities.
Make Spot trades
Order forward contracts

Trade 24 hours a day

Trade desk support
100% virtual trades

Avoid volatility in the market with Statrys

Book Forward rates
Hedge against uncertainty

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the business hours to trade FX ?


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What is the deposit amount for a FX forward contract?


Do you deal with flexible forward ?


How many currencies can I deal in ?


Do I need to hold funds with Statrys before booking an FX rate ?


If I'm unable to login to my account, can Statrys book the rate on my behalf ?


As a company, we want to deal with any possible FX orders when the market reaches a level we expect. Can Statrys do that ?


Why is there a difference between the Spot rate and the Forward rate ?


What is an FX mandate ?


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I am very appreciate Statrys Team for…

I am very appreciate Statrys Team for really helpful and always in-time...


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Let's start with I usually hate banks

Let's start with I hate banks. But not Statrys. The user experience is...


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Doing business with Statrys

The process for creating the accounts was simple and straight forward. The...

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