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Terms and Policies

List of prohibited countries

Any jurisdiction from/to which a Payment is not authorized.

Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
Belarus (Republic of Belarus)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burundi (Republic of Burundi)
Central African Republic (Central African Republic)
Crimea (Republic of Crimea)
Cuba (Republic of Cuba)
Democratic Republic of Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Eritrea (State of Eritrea)
Guinea (Republic of Guinea)
Guinea-Bissau (Republic of Guinea-Bissau)
Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Iraq (Republic of Iraq)
Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)
Libya (State of Libya)
Mali (Republic of Mali)
North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
North Sudan (Republic of Sudan)
Panama (Republic of Panama)
Russia (Russian Federation)
Somalia (Federal Republic of Somalia)
South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan)
Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
Ukraine (Ukraine)
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Yemen (Republic of Yemen)
Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe)


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