Statrys, an Online Payment Solutions for SMEs - Featured on InvestHK

Featured on InvestHK

Bertrand Théaud was invited by InvestHK to share the motivations that led him to create a payment solution for small and medium-sized businesses in Hong Kong.

Conducting business is never easy. Many startups and SMEs find that making payments and handling currency exchange often sap time, budget, and manpower. Statrys addresses their unique concern with products and services that humanize payments, emphasize transparency and tailor the customer service experience.
Catering to Entrepreneurs

“We identified there is a gap that banks do not address some of the entrepreneurs’ needs — this translated into an opportunity for us,” said Statrys’s founder Bertrand Theaud. “When we launched Statrys, it was a tipping point where entrepreneurs were more aware of FinTechs’ reliability compared to traditional banking means.”

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