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HONG KONG – December 14, 2022 – Statrys, a Hong Kong-based fintech, is expanding its business offer with the launch of incorporation services under Statrys Corporate Services Limited, a licensed Company Service Provider in Hong Kong that aims to help companies and entrepreneurs establish their business operations in Hong Kong.

Through the incorporation services, Statrys will be better positioned to help entrepreneurs and SMEs find their way around company establishment laws in Hong Kong and other modalities.

Despite the pandemic, Hong Kong continues to rank higher in statistics and reviews of places with a solid economic system and a business-friendly environment. Starting a company in Hong Kong can be a daunting process for companies and entrepreneurs outside Hong Kong, but Statrys is making it an easy, smooth process.

Aside from being a window to the Asian continent, which is undoubtedly an outstanding economic hub, starting a business in Hong Kong comes with a unique range of benefits that cannot be overlooked. The region has an easy business incorporation process, unlike many economic hubs around the world.

Low taxes, business privacy, zero currency restrictions, world banking, payment solutions, and much more are some benefits entrepreneurs and business owners stand to gain when they open their businesses in Hong Kong. In addition, Hong Kong gives businesses a world-class reputation as people know Hong Kong to be a force in the global economy.

"The incorporation service is an important step for Statrys," said Bertrand Theaud, Founder of Statrys. "We believe that the incorporation service will allow us to better serve our clients by creating more opportunities for them to grow their businesses in the region."

Since 2018, Statrys has provided payment solutions for businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the British Virgin Islands with multicurrency business accounts, EURO IBAN accounts, payment cards, foreign exchange solutions, and much more. With its newly launched incorporation services, Statrys is taking its services up a notch as it wants to be the go-to company for starting, growing, and managing a business in Hong Kong.

The incorporation service by Statrys is broken down into four stages which include the pre-incorporation stage, where the company checks for the availability of the proposed business name and prepares documents for incorporation. This will be followed by the main company registration and incorporation process.

After this stage, Statrys will provide clients with company secretarial services for a year, a registered address valid for a year, significant controller registers, and much more, which is part of the post-incorporation stage. Once the company is incorporated, the client can proceed to apply for a business account.

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About Statrys

Statrys is a fintech company based in Hong Kong that offers business accounts to companies and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the British Virgin Islands. Founded in 2018, Statrys aims to be the most accessible and feature-rich payment option for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Taking payments online isn’t new, but the company has strived to bring the entire experience of a full corporate account from a big bank to the palms of SMEs and entrepreneurs. Now, the company is helping businesses and entrepreneurs establish, register, and manage their companies in Hong Kong.

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