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Statrys Rolls Out 'SWIFT Payment Tracking' to Elevate Global Business Transaction

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Facilitating Transparent and Swift Cross-Border Transactions for Businesses Worldwide

HONG KONG – November 15, 2023 – Statrys, a leading financial platform for corporates and business owners with a global footprint, launched its SWIFT Payment Tracking feature – a powerful tool for real-time tracking of cross-border payments.

In the fast-paced realm of global commerce, which demands speed and transparency, Statrys employs SWIFT GPI technology —the new standard in global payments, offering end-to-end transaction visibility, faster international transfers, and automatic payment tracking— to afford businesses the transparency essential for effective financial management.

This advancement streamlines the financial landscape, enabling clients to monitor their transactions with ease and accuracy. Through its intuitive interface, Statrys is aligning with industry advancements and refining the interaction between businesses and the global financial system.

Here's how the SWIFT Payment Tracking feature benefits corporate clients:

  • Enhanced Fund Visibility: Real-time updates on the status of cross-border transactions empower businesses with greater control over their financial operations.
  • Streamlined Capital Forecasting: The ability to track payments diligently brings new efficiencies to cash flow management, which is particularly useful for businesses that operate on tight margins and schedules.
  • Digitized Proof of Payment: The feature eliminates the need for manual proof of payment processes, simplifying the complexities associated with international transactions.
  • Shared Payment Tracking: Statrys provides clients the unique capability to share a tracking link for outgoing payments, reinforcing transparency with their beneficiaries.

Our SWIFT Payment Tracking feature is more than just a tool; it's a commitment to our clients’ success across borders. We recognize that in today's fast-paced business world, clarity and speed are not just desired but required. Statrys is here to deliver that.

Bertrand Théaud, Founder of Statrys
Bertrand Théaud
Founder, Statrys

By extending the power of SWIFT GPI to its clients, Statrys ensures that global businesses can engage with the international market with the assurance that comes from precise financial control and the intelligence that supports proactive decision-making. Statrys is setting itself apart not just as a service provider but as a partner integral to its clients' international growth and success.

About Statrys

Statrys is a dynamic provider of digital payment solutions based in Hong Kong, offering specialized financial services to meet the needs of global enterprises. Dedicated to delivering a seamless and secure financial experience, Statrys leverages innovative financial technology to serve the corporate sector. The company is committed to empowering its clients with the sophisticated tools necessary for efficient financial management, supporting their growth and international operations with expert precision.

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