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What Is SWIFT gpi? How It Can Improve Cross-Border Payments

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Over 4,000 financial institutions have adopted SWIFT gpi, utilising it for transactions in more than 150 currencies across 2,000 country corridors, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting modern demands for efficient and transparent global financial transactions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of global finance, the need for faster payments and more transparent and reliable cross-border payment solutions has become increasingly paramount. This necessity has been met with the advent of SWIFT gpi, a revolutionary initiative by SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) that has transformed the way international payments are processed. Launched in 2017, SWIFT gpi addresses the traditional challenges of international transactions, such as speed, transparency, and tracking, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for the modern financial world.

What is SWIFT gpi?

SWIFT gpi stands for Global Payments Innovation, a groundbreaking initiative developed by SWIFT to enhance the experience of making payments via its network for both customers and banks. It represents a significant upgrade from the traditional SWIFT system, which, despite being the primary method for international payments, had several limitations, including slow transaction speeds, lack of visibility over funds, and high intermediary fees.

The core of SWIFT gpi is a set of rules and standards that member banks must adhere to. These standards revolve around four key goals:

  • Increased Payment Speed: By improving communication and setting higher standards, SWIFT gpi ensures quicker processing of international payments.
  • End-to-End Tracking: Utilising a Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference (UETR), SWIFT gpi allows for real-time tracking of funds throughout their journey, providing unprecedented transparency.
  • Transparency of Fees and Charges: Member banks are required to provide complete visibility on processing fees and times, enabling better decision-making and improved routing efficiency.
  • Consistency in Data Records: SWIFT gpi guarantees the integrity of remittance data sent with payments, ensuring it remains unaltered throughout the payment process, which is crucial for accurate reconciliation.

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As of now, over 4,000 financial institutions have adopted SWIFT gpi, making payments in over 150 currencies across more than 2,000 country corridors. This widespread adoption underscores the initiative's effectiveness in meeting today's demands for speed, traceability, and full transparency in international payments. The system is built on existing messaging standards and bank payment processing systems, allowing for a quick and cost-effective transition to this new norm. Through SWIFT gpi, banks not only enhance their relevance in the international payments ecosystem but also deliver immediate value to their customers by increasing operational efficiencies and reducing overall costs.

In summary, SWIFT gpi is a testament to the ongoing evolution in the world of financial transactions, offering a solution that is fast, transparent, and reliable, thereby meeting the complex demands of global trade and finance in the 21st century.

Some fintech companies, such as Statrys, have already adopted SWIFT gpi technology to enhance their international payment services. You can learn more about the announcement about SWIFT gpi by Statrys here.

an example of statrys' swift gpi


What exactly is SWIFT gpi?

SWIFT gpi (Global Payments Innovation) is an initiative by SWIFT to enhance the speed, transparency, and tracking of cross-border payments. It represents a significant upgrade from the traditional SWIFT system, focusing on real-time payment tracking, increased speed, transparency of fees, and maintaining the integrity of payment data.

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