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Do you accept payments from/to Russia?

Based on Statrys’ risk appetite and compliance constraints, we have decided to put it on hold until further notice of payments from/to Russia. Here’s a full list of Statrys restricted jurisdictions:

▪ Afghanistan

▪ Belarus

▪ Bosnia and Herzegovina

▪ Burundi

▪ Central African Republic

▪ Crimea

▪ Cuba

▪ Democratic Republic of the Congo

▪ Eritrea ▪ Guinea

▪ Guinea-Bissau

▪ Iran

▪ Iraq

▪ Lebanon

▪ Libya

▪ Mali

▪ North Korea

▪ North Soudan

▪ Russia

▪ Somalia

▪ South Soudan

▪ Syria

▪ Ukraine

▪ Venezuela

▪ Yemen

▪ Zimbabwe

In the event that you have doubts/questions as to whether Statrys will process payments to certain jurisdictions, kindly contact our Customer Support Team at


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