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Fintech Statrys adds MFA to further strengthen security

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HONG KONG July 18, 2022 –Hong Kong-based Fintech Statrys is introducing MFA on all its platforms to strengthen the security of its services. Statrys's mission is to be the world's 'go-to' payment platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs. The company provides virtual business accounts with all the features of a traditional bank offering but without the red tape and hassle.

This move is intended to ensure that the users' accounts are always safe and under their control and access. The financial industry typically features in the top five sectors for severity and frequency of cyber-attacks. The 2022 IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index found that Asia has become the region most targeted by cyberattacks, with financial services and manufacturing organizations, in particular, experiencing nearly a combined 60% of attacks.

Hong Kong is an attractive target for cyberattacks as a leading global financial center. With more than USD 2 billion in transaction value, Statrys wants to ensure that further transactions are carried out without fear of fraud.

"We're going the extra mile to make sure the Statrys account is safer than ever before. After all, the safety of our clients' money is our top priority." — Pankaj Verma, Statrys' Chief Technology Officer.

Adopting multiple-factor authentication helps Statrys secure access to the platform, protect users' identities, and guarantee that the proper user carries out each transaction.

Multiple factor authentication at Statrys is implemented at all platform and mobile app levels, ensuring that mobile security is just as reliable as other methods. MFA safeguards their account in case any of the devices are misplaced. Even if a password or other authentication method is compromised, it's extremely rare that a hacker also has a second or third authentication factor.

By fully implementing multiple-factor authentication, Statrys can provide customers with a safer way to make payments online.

To ensure that the customers are informed of the change in security features, Statrys has already alerted its existing customers about the coming change in an email sent on July 6th, 2022, briefing them about the new verification rules that come into effect on July 18th, 2022.

For more information about Statrys and to open an account, visit statrys.com.

About Statrys

Launched in 2018, Statrys is a payment platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses grow their business internationally. It supports 11 major currencies in one multi-currency account and features like FX Forward and Spot services and additional IBAN account numbers in the EU. At Statrys, we're providing small businesses with the same features and security that larger institutions offer.

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