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How Much Does It Cost to Incorporate a Hong Kong Company?

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Nestor Garcia
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When it comes to setting up a business in Hong Kong, one of the first questions entrepreneurs ask is: "How much will it cost to incorporate?" 

Today, we are going to answer that question. To provide this insight, Statrys has conducted a survey among our clients to shed light on the actual costs of company incorporation in Hong Kong. Let's dive into what we found.


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How Much Does It Actually Cost to Incorporate a Hong Kong Company?

Average Incorporation Cost: Starting a company in Hong Kong typically costs around HKD 9,053 which can vary based on the specific services and options you choose during the setup process.

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Impact of Mandatory Fees: Essential fees, including the business registration fee, significantly affect the total cost. These fees depend on the method of application and may require yearly renewals.

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Digital vs. Traditional Secretary Services: The cost for digital company secretary services averages about HKD 7,773 compared to traditional services at around HKD 10,703.

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Essential Considerations for Potential Business Owners in Hong Kong

Budget for Complex Needs: If your business has a complex structure or requires specific services, expect to face higher costs. It’s important to budget accordingly.

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Benefits of Digital Solutions: Opting for digital services can save costs and simplify managing your business processes online.

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Choosing The Right Company Secretary is key to the success of your business. Consider the size of your business, your budget, and how you prefer to communicate.

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What is a Company Secretary in Hong Kong?

Before we get into the numbers, it's essential to understand the various components that make up the costs, and a significant aspect is the appointment of a company secretary.

More than office assistants, a company secretary in Hong Kong ensures that your business complies with the latest local laws. They manage legal paperwork, adhere to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance – which all businesses must follow regardless of their size or type – and liaise with government departments such as the Inland Revenue Department and the Companies Registry.  

It is mandatory for every business in Hong Kong to have a company secretary, as failing to do so could result in severe fines or legal issues.

For foreign businesses, a company secretary is even more critical. They act as a local representative and help the company stay on top of legal matters. Their in-depth knowledge of local regulations and practices makes them invaluable for businesses originating from other countries.


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Research Methodology

We conducted a comprehensive survey to study the costs of incorporating and maintaining a company in Hong Kong. To gather data, we surveyed all our clients, who represent diverse industries and business sizes. Ultimately, we received responses from 120 clients, providing a representative sample for our study.

Participants reported two figures: the cost of incorporating their company in Hong Kong and the annual maintenance cost. We compared traditional and digital company secretary services to observe cost differences, with a strong commitment to confidentiality and ethical standards throughout the survey.

The Real Cost of Setting Up Your Business in Hong Kong

Positioned as the world's fourth-largest financial centre, Hong Kong is known for its vibrant business environment, strategic location, favourable tax structure, and as a gateway to the Asian market. But how much does it cost to be a part of this dynamic business hub? Our survey results reveal a range of costs, reflecting the diverse needs and choices of businesses.

Overall Average Costs

  • Average Hong Kong Company Creation Cost: Around HKD 9,053.
  • Average Annual Maintenance Cost: Around HKD 9,008.

Costs by Type of Company Secretary Service

These findings show a clear cost distinction between digital and traditional services. Digital services tend to be more cost-effective for both incorporation and annual maintenance. However, it's worth noting that prices may vary depending on the service provider.

A graph illustrating the cost difference between digital and traditional company service providers

Typical Expenses for Establishing a Company in Hong Kong

Setting up a Hong Kong company involves different fees, which can vary based on your business type, complexity, and specific needs. The fundamental components include the following:

  • Company Registration Fee: This is a compulsory one-time payment made to the government entity known as the Companies Registry. The fees amount to approximately HKD 1,500 for the electronic delivery of the application and around HKD 1,700 for hard copy delivery. 
  • Business Registration Fee: An annual fee paid to the Inland Revenue Department for a business registration certificate, costing around HKD 2,000. This certificate must undergo annual renewal before its expiration. 
  • Company Secretary: Every Hong Kong company must have a local company secretary. Some company formation service providers offer this service, and costs may vary based on the level of support. 
  • Registered Address: Every Hong Kong company must have a registered address. For those without a residential address in Hong Kong, the service could be obtained through company formation service packages, with costs varying based on the level of service.

In the next section, we will examine the factors influencing the differences in prices.

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Factors Influencing Hong Kong Company Formation Price

Service Selection

Different packages and service levels can influence Hong Kong company formation prices. Some businesses may opt for basic company registration services, while others choose comprehensive packages with additional features like a registered business address, assistance in bank account opening, designated representative services, annual returns filling service, and other legal or financial advisory services.

Moreover, certain packages may cover government fees, while in others, government fees and service fees are charged separately.

Hidden fees could also be associated with tasks such as document preparation, filing, retrieval, alterations to company information, and submitting information after the deadline.

Company Complexity

The nature and structure of the business can also impact the cost. Businesses requiring additional licenses or permits might face higher incorporation expenses. For instance, the retail sector may require a license from the Trade and Industry Department, along with adherence to regulations such as consumer protection, product safety, or labelling.  

Moreover, in complex businesses with many directors or stakeholders, costs may be higher due to increased administrative and legal complexities.

Market Trends

The preference for digital solutions is evident, as most clients opted for digital company secretary services. This trend not only aligns with the global shift towards digitalisation but also suggests a more cost-effective approach to company management.





What This Means for Potential Business Owners

Budgeting for Incorporation

When planning to incorporate in Hong Kong, it's essential to factor in a diverse range of potential costs. While some may manage to keep expenses lower, it's wise to be prepared for higher costs, especially if your business requires more complex services.

Embracing Digital Solutions

Opting for a digital service provider brings business owners several advantages, such as potential cost savings and the convenience of online applications. Some providers also offer the flexibility to track application progress, access documents on the go, and provide online support, contributing to an overall smoother and more efficient experience.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

Selecting the right service provider will be key to the success of your incorporation.

If you're looking for a Hong Kong company registration service and a company secretary for your Hong Kong-based business, consider the following factors.

  1. Budget - Align the cost of services with your financial plan. Don't just opt for the cheapest option but also consider the value they bring to your business. Our recommendation is a provider offering a comprehensive package covering essential incorporation documents, such as Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate.
  2. Communication - Another crucial factor is clear communication. It's essential to choose a service provider and a company secretary who speaks your language fluently for smooth operations. They should also be responsive and provide clear answers to your queries. 
  3. Company Size - Consider how the size of your company influences your needs. Larger organisations may require a service provider with experience handling complex structures, while smaller firms may benefit from more customised services.


Our survey concludes that the cost implications of incorporating and maintaining a company in Hong Kong are diverse and influenced by service choices, business complexity, and digitalisation trends. By embracing digital solutions like those offered by Statrys – including our unique online platform – businesses can benefit from significant convenience and efficiency. 

These insights and considerations are important to remember as you embark on your business journey in Hong Kong, ensuring a smooth and successful incorporation process.

At Statrys, we're dedicated to providing clear guidance and support. For more insights and assistance with your business needs in Hong Kong, feel free to contact Statrys team

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