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The cost of company registration in Hong Kong on your own is approximately HKD 4,500, including the government fees. 

If you use a company incorporation service provider, the price typically ranges between HKD 6,000 and HKD 12,000. The final price will depend on the add-ons and level of service.

Are you thinking of starting a business or expanding your company to Hong Kong, one of Asia's top financial hubs? Incorporating a company legally is the first step you should take, but going through all the administrative and legal requirements can be a lengthy and complex process. 

Today, many companies are offering company incorporation services to help entrepreneurs start a company in Hong Kong. These experienced service providers can guide you through the entire process – and the best part? It can be done remotely without being present in Hong Kong. 

However, with so many options, it can be tough to decide which service provider you should use. To help save you time and resources, we have compiled the 5 best company incorporation services in Hong Kong, highlighting who they’re best for, their key services, and fees. 

Let's get started. 

Plan Best For Fees
Statrys logo One-time payment covering all you need to start operations in Hong Kong.

This includes a fast-track company incorporation in 5 days and a business account application at Statrys.
HKD 8,600

 Government fees included
Air Corporate logo Both Hong Kong resident and non-resident options, with the resident option being highly cost-effective. USD 90* - USD 1,405
(about HKD 702 - HKD 10,970)

Government fees are included for some packages

*The USD 90 package is exclusive to Hong Kong residents.
Sleek logo Additional accounting and bookkeeping service along with incorporation HKD 5,299 - HKD 12,599

Government fees included
Osome logo
Ongoing support from a corporate secretary  HKD 5,600 - HKD 7,000 

Government fees included 
BBC Incorp logo
Ideal for businesses seeking a global service provider USD 899 - USD 1,599  (about HKD 7019 - HKD 12,485)

Doesn't specify whether government fees are included

🔎 Note: All information provided is dated 13 November 2023 and may have been updated since. Please check each service provider's website for the latest information.

1. Statrys

A screenshot of Statrys' website

Statrys is a licensed Money Service Operator (No. 19-02-02726) in Hong Kong, providing an all-inclusive remote Hong Kong company incorporation without the need to visit the country. 

Here's a quick walkthrough: You fill out a 5-minute application with essential compliance details. Statrys handles document preparation, obtains your review and electronic signature, submits to the Hong Kong Company Registry, monitors progress, ensures successful registration, and sends back official documents to you. 

After successfully incorporating the company, Statrys can assist in applying for multi-currency business accounts and payment cards for your business in Hong Kong.

Statrys also offers extensive resources for Hong Kong company formation and business operations. This includes a guide on Hong Kong businesses and company formation, along with a Company Secretary Reviews page where clients can share feedback and find the best company secretaries for their business.

Statrys Key Services

Statrys' all-inclusive package includes:

Incorporation Services

Company Secretary Services

  • Providing a Company Secretary (1-year term)
  • Supplying a Designated Representative (1-year term)
  • Handling the Annual Return filing (NAR1)
  • Sending automated reminders for filing deadlines
  • Maintaining the significant controller register
  • Managing the statutory records
  • Preparing for the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Accessing all your statutory records and compliance documents conveniently online, around the clock 

Additional Services

  • Registered Address in Hong Kong for one year
  • Mail scanning and forwarding
  • Applicable online business account opening, complete with a corresponding payment card
  • Document certification for business account opening
  • Post-incorporation assistance to fast-track the application process for your business account

Statrys also provides support in finding the best accounting firm to handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs in Hong Kong. Simply share your accounting requirements, and Statrys will obtain quotes from various Hong Kong accounting firms for you to select from.

Statrys Fees

Statrys offers a single package for company incorporation at a fixed price of HKD 8,600, which is approximately equivalent to USD 1,099 or EUR 1,025. Government fees included. 

The package includes all the essentials required to establish a company in Hong Kong, such as incorporation services, company secretary services, and a registered address in Hong Kong, as listed above.

After successfully incorporating a company, you can apply for a multi-currency business account and both physical and virtual payment cards to use in Hong Kong, each of which has its own associated fees, which are all listed on the Statrys pricing page.

Statrys Pros and Cons

Pros of Statrys

Statrys Pros

  • An all-inclusive package, ensuring you get everything at a single, transparent price 
  • Trusted partnership with DBS Bank 

Cons of Statrys

Statrys Cons

  • Fixed pricing may not suit all budgets
  • No in-house accounting service, only a consultant on finding suitable firms

Statrys is Best For:

Entrepreneurs seeking an all-in-one, fast-track solution. If you’re looking for a comprehensive package that covers everything from company incorporation to business account applications, Statrys is your go-to. With a single package priced at HKD 8,600, it's ideal for those who prefer a straightforward, all-inclusive approach without the hassle of dealing with multiple service aspects separately.

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2. Air Corporate

A screenshot of Air Corporate's website

Air Corporate is led by founder Vivian Au, whose extensive background in major Hong Kong accounting and company secretary firms has shaped her aim to simplify entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. 

With a track record of incorporating over 1,000 companies spanning over 50 industries, Air Corporate is another great choice for Hong Kong company registration providers. 

They offer a cloud-based platform to ensure a secure and straightforward registration process, allowing you to incorporate your company remotely without the need to travel to Hong Kong. Plus, a bonus feature of online management, business account opening, and accounting tools. 

Air Corporate Key Services

  • Preparation of essential documents, including the business registration certificate and statutory documents
  • Access to a secure online dashboard
  • Management of statutory registers
  • Setting up a suitable business account
  • Expert guidance on accounting

Option to include:

  • Company chops
  • Company secretary services for 1 year
  • A registered address
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) resolutions
  • Annual Returns and corporate tax filings
  • Legal and tax consultation

Air Corporate Fees

Plan What's Included Fees
Basic • Incorporation documents preparation
• Acquiring the Business Registration
• Certificate
Compiling statutory registers

USD 90 (about HKD 702)

Exclusive for Hong Kong resident
All-inclusive • Hong Kong Company Registration
• Business Registration Certificate issuance
Provision of company chops and statutory documents
Online platform storage of company documents with 24/7 access 
Assistance with online bank account opening 
Company secretary services for 1 year
A registered address
Management of Annual General Meeting (AGM) resolutions
Handling of Annual Returns and corporate tax filings
Business templates 

USD 1,070 (about HKD 8,355)

Government fees included
Expert Everything in All-inclusive Plan, plus

Certificate of Incumbency
5 hours of free legal and tax consultation
USD 1,405 (about HKD 10,970) 

Government fees included

Air Corporate Pros and Cons

Pros of Air Corporate

Air Corporate Pros

  • Valuable tax and legal consultation service in the Expert plan 
  • Extensive industry expertise with experience spanning over 50 industries

Cons of Air Corporate

Air Corporate Cons

  • The basic plan is only applicable to Hong Kong residents 
  • Notable cost differences between the Basic and All-inclusive plans

Air Corporate is Best For:

Both Hong Kong residents and non-residents, offering cost-effective solutions. Air Corporate stands out for its flexibility in catering to both local and international clients. If you are a Hong Kong resident, their USD 90 package is an incredibly cost-effective option. For non-residents, their range of services up to USD 1,405 provides comprehensive support, making it a versatile choice for diverse incorporation needs.

3. Sleek

Sleek is ideal for those needing additional accounting and bookkeeping services. It’s a good fit for SMEs looking for comprehensive support, including incorporation and financial management, but requires upgraded plans for registered addresses and has significant price differences between its plans.

A screenshot of Sleek's website

Sleek is an online corporate service provider founded by Julien Labruyere (CEO) and Adrien Barthel (CGO), who brings extensive experience from companies in Europe and Asia, as well as the ecommerce market. Sleek caters to SMEs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the UK. 

They provide expert guidance for company formation in Hong Kong, applicable business accounts that can be opened remotely, and are equipped with accounting services. 

Their noteworthy investment backers include Jungle Ventures, White Star Capital, and EDBI, solidifying its position in the industry.

Sleek Key Services

Document preparation, including:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Registration Certificate for 1 year

Unlimited company secretary service, which includes

  • Designated representative
  • The significant controllers register
  • Statutory records management
  • Annual Returns
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) documents
  • Handling any changes in business details

Options to include

  • A register address
  • Audit service
  • Accounting service

Plus, all the services are operated through the cloud.

🔎 Tip: To learn more, explore our article on Sleek vs Statrys: Company Registration Service Comparison.

Sleek Fees

Plan What's Included Fees
Starter • One-time incorporation fees
• Government fees
Certificate of Incorporation
One year of Business Registration Certificate
Company Secretary
Maintaining company registers, including the register of significant controllers
Company's statutory documentation
Submission of annual returns
Creating documents for the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Updating business information
Complimentary add-ons
HKD 5,299

Government fees included
Grow Everything in the Starter plan, plus

Accounting and bookkeeping starting from 250 / month, which includes monthly bookkeeping, unaudited financial statements, and more
HKD 6,299

Government fees included
Success  Everything in the Grow plan, plus

A registered address and virtual mailroom service
HKD 12,599

Government fees included

Pros of Sleek

Sleek Pros

  • Valuable add-on accounting and audit service
  • Backed by notable investors like Jungle Ventures, White Star Capital, and EDBI 

Cons of Sleek

Sleek Cons

  • An upgraded plan is required for a registered address, which is a necessity for company registration
  • There is a significant price difference between the second-tier (Grow) and third-tier (Success) plans 

Sleek is Best For:

Businesses needing integrated accounting and bookkeeping services. Sleek offers a range of services from HKD 5,299 to HKD 12,599, making it an excellent choice for SMEs that require both incorporation services and ongoing financial management. This is especially beneficial for businesses that want to streamline their financial operations alongside the incorporation process.

4. Osome

A screenshot of Osome's website

Initially, Osome operates as an online accounting and financial software firm, but they also cater to company formation in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Essentially, their range of services includes company incorporation, accounting, and secretarial tasks. They provide a platform operating in the cloud, providing support to small and medium-sized businesses, particularly those involved in ecommerce. 

Osome has served over 15,000 clients worldwide and has assisted in creating 4,200 companies to date.

Their accounting service is quoted separately from the company formation service, with in-house smart software ready to assist with bookkeeping and more. 

🔎 Tip: Osome's accounting service stands out as one of our top choices among the best bookkeeping and accounting services in Hong Kong.

Osome Key Services

  • Submit and file your application with the Companies Registry.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • One-year Business Registration Certificate 
  • Documents for Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Annual Returns filing
  • Administration of online share distribution and capital table
  • Document storage within the Osome app
  • Support for opening a Neobank account

Options to include:

  • A registered address for one year
  • Forwarding of documents

🔎 Tip: To learn more, explore our article on Osome vs Statrys: Company Registration Service Comparison

Osome Fees

Plan What's Included Fees
Essential • Application for Incorporation
• Certificate of Incorporation
Drafting Articles of Association
Provision of a Business Registration Certificate valid for 1 year
Document storage through the Osome app
Assistance with opening a Neobank account
On-demand support from a personal, corporate secretary through live chat
Preparation of Annual General Meeting (AGM) papers
Filing of Annual Returns
Filing deadlines, automated reminders
Management of online share distribution and capital table
HKD 5,600

Government fee included
All-inclusive Everything in the Essential plan, plus 

• Handling limitless company alterations
One-year registered address
Alerts for incoming mail
Scanning and forwarding of notifications and documents to the registered address
HKD 7,000

Government fee included

Pros of Osome

Osome Pros

  • On-demand corporate secretary through live chat
  • Limitless company alterations in its All-inclusive plan

Cons of Osome

Osome Cons

  • An upgraded plan is required for a registered address, which is a necessity for company registration
  • Lack specifics on what is included in their support for opening a Neobank account

Osome is Best For:

Continuous corporate secretary support. If ongoing administrative and secretarial support is a priority for your business, Osome's services, ranging between HKD 5,600 and HKD 7,000, are an excellent choice. Their unique offering of on-demand corporate secretary services through live chat makes them a standout for businesses seeking consistent and accessible administrative assistance.

 5. BBCIncorp

A screenshot of BBCIncorp's website

BBCIncorp is a service provider dedicated to assisting businesses in simplifying company administration tasks. 

Their services encompass company formation, banking support, and accounting in 20 countries worldwide. They serve entrepreneurs, SMEs, and professional intermediaries, distinguishing themselves with local expertise, tailored solutions, and cost-effective pricing through the use of technology and outsourced labour. 

BBCIncorp Key Services

  • Preparing and submitting documentation
  • Digital corporate records
  • Covering all government fees for one year
  • Compliance with all necessary legal requirements, including:
  • One year of company secretary services
  • One year of a registered address
  • Significant controller register with a Designated Representative
  • One set of documents certified by CPA
  • Mail scanning

Options to include:

  • Bank application and consultant 
  • Preparation of certified corporate documents

BBCIncorp Fees

Plan What's Included Fees
Basic • Preparation and filing of documents
• Company setup within 24 hours
• Digital corporate documents
• 1-year company secretary
• 1-year registered address
• All government fees covered for one year
• Significant controller register with Designated Representative
• Mail scanning service
• One set of documents certified by a CPA
• Free first-year PTR filing
USD 899
(about HKD 7,019)
Standard Everything in the Basic plan, plus

• One-time fee for a single bank application
Consultation on the necessary documents for your selected bank
Preparation of certified corporate documents for the bank (if required)
Scheduling an appointment with the chosen bank 
USD 1,299
(about HKD 10,143)
Premium Everything in the Standard plan, plus

• One-time fee for up to 5 bank applications
• Guidance on alternative banks in case of initial application failure
Remote bank account opening
Responsive service, including weekends
Regular updates on the progress of the bank account opening process
USD 1,599
(about HKD 12,485)

Pros of BBC Incorp

BBCIncorp Pros

  • The basic plan is relatively inclusive for company formation alone 
  • Local expertise in 20 countries

Cons of BBC Incorp

BBCIncorp Cons

  • An upgraded plan is required for an applicable bank account
  • No explicit information on whether the government fees are included 

BBC Incorp is Best For:

Businesses looking for a global service provider with a local touch. With fees between USD 899 and USD 1,599, BBC Incorp is particularly suited for businesses that operate internationally or have plans for global expansion. They offer tailored solutions and local expertise across 20 countries, making them a strong contender for businesses with international aspirations or operations.

Why Set Up a Company in Hong Kong?

Whether you want to set up a company in Hong Kong or have an offshore company in Hong Kong, the appeal lies in 

  • A strategic location providing easy access to Mainland China and Asian markets.
  • Its status as a global financial hub, acting as a business gateway to China and beyond. Hong Kong is also the worldwide centre for renminbi trade settlement.
  • Ease of doing business, with recognition as the world's third easiest country to do business by the World Bank in 2020.
  • Hong Kong's favourable tax systems and rates, with a profit tax rate ranging from 8.25% to 16.5% and exemptions for foreign-sourced income. Complete ownership is granted to foreigners, and there are no sales, import, capital gain, or dividend taxes. The absence of withholding tax on distributions and payments adds to its financial allure. 

🔎 Tip: Check out the Pros and cons of relocating your business to Hong Kong for more details.

Why Use a Hong Kong Company Incorporation Services?

You might be wondering why you should pay for the service instead of doing it yourself. 

Put simply, completing all the required paperwork and staying on top of local regulations by yourself can be time-consuming and error-prone. 

Let’s explore how a Hong Kong company incorporation service can be of assistance. 

  • Time Efficiency - Dealing with documentation and local regulations can take up much time, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. Professional services make things easier by using their know-how to speed up paperwork.
  • Reduce Error - Without experience, it’s possible that registering a company on your own increases the chances of making mistakes that could cause delays or legal issues. Incorporation services have experienced professionals who understand local regulations and can ensure compliance. 
  • Cost Savings - While there is a cost to hiring incorporation services, it can save you money in the long run compared to the potential costs of mistakes and delays in a do-it-yourself approach. Professional services help you navigate regulations efficiently, lowering the risk of fines and legal problems that could cost more.
  • Faster Business Launch - By entrusting professionals with paperwork and compliance matters, you can launch your business sooner than if you were to go at it alone. This efficient approach also frees up your time to focus on developing other aspects of your business.

Incorporation service providers bring expertise to the process, managing the paperwork and filings to ensure your company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements. They can also help prevent common mistakes that might otherwise cause delays.

You'll also find convenient access for document review, downloading statutory documents, and obtaining relevant information as part of most packages.

Bertrand Theaud, Founder of Statrys
Bertrand Theaud
Founder, Statrys


Drawing on your experience in this sector, what challenges do clients often face when incorporating a Hong Kong company by themselves?


Clients often struggle with unique mandatory requirements, such as appointing a company secretary (who needs to be based in Hong Kong) and obtaining a registered address in Hong Kong.

Another prevalent challenge is geographical distance. Many of those establishing companies in Hong Kong are not physically present in the region, as it's not a prerequisite for incorporation.

Nevertheless, having a reliable partner, such as Statrys, who ensures effective communication between the company and the different Hong Kong entities that interact with the company through the company secretary is crucial for both the registration process and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Is it quicker to use Hong Kong company incorporation services as opposed to undertaking the process independently?


What to Consider When Choosing a Company Incorporation Service? 

Each of these providers caters to different aspects of company incorporation, offering solutions that range from fast-track, all-inclusive packages to specialised services like ongoing corporate support and international expertise.

Depending on your specific business needs, budget, and operational scope, these recommendations can guide you in choosing the most suitable service provider for incorporating your business in Hong Kong.

There are several factors that you should consider before choosing an incorporation service provider. Here are some of the most important ones.


You can assess the reputation of an incorporation service by browsing online reviews, testimonials, and ratings provided by previous clients. Notably, platforms like Google Reviews and Trustpilot are reliable sources for firsthand experiences. 

Pay attention to any complaints and observe how a company addresses and resolves those issues.

Additionally, check if they have established partnerships with reputable organisations and ensure that their business is appropriately licensed.

Overall, a wealth of reviews and a recent track record of excellent service are positive indicators.


Clear communication of fees and offerings is also key. A transparent service provider should list what's included and excluded in different packages, along with a breakdown of the costs and fees for each package. This allows for clear comparisons.

You should also be able to access information about the incorporation process, the documents required, the filing fees, and the turnaround time. 

Customer Support Availability 

Every business is unique, and so are its obstacles. 

While self-help resources are useful, unforeseen questions and requests, whether legal or administrative, are bound to come up. Make sure your potential match has customer service available via your preferred channel, such as phone, email, or chat, to provide guidance when needed. Understanding their average response times can also give you a sense of their helpfulness.

You should also be able to receive assistance and guidance before, during, and after the process. In other words, having access to ongoing customer services to help you maintain and grow your business is ideal.


When choosing a company incorporation service, focus on reputation through client reviews and verified licensing and accreditation, transparent pricing, and reliable customer support. Bonus points if they have a user-friendly platform.

Chalisa Hatsapak, Statrys Corporate Services
Chalisa Hatsapak
Account Manager, Statrys Corporate Services


How can businesses assess the reputation and reliability of incorporation service providers?


My advice is to review ratings on platforms like Trustpilot and Google Reviews. Seek recommendations from your professional network, as word of mouth is a valuable resource. Explore online forums for additional insights, and check the service providers' social media pages for customer interactions and responses.

What are the usual situations where hidden fees can occur?


What should businesses expect from incorporation service providers in terms of customer support?


Final Thought

Concluding our exploration, we've covered the five best company incorporation services in Hong Kong, including Statrys for its singular comprehensive package, Air Corporate for expert legal and tax guidance, Sleek for a wide range of services, Osome for unique on-demand corporate secretarial services, and BBCIncorp for its global expertise.

By considering the reputation, transparency, and customer support availability of the incorporation service, you can find the best service provider for your business needs.

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Can I incorporate a Hong Kong company by myself?

Yes, you can incorporate a Hong Kong company by yourself. However, the process can be lengthy and complicated. Using an incorporation service can save time and money and help you start your business faster.

How much does it cost to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?


How long does it take to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?


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