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Sleek vs Statrys company registration services comparison

If you are looking to register a company in Hong Kong, there are a number of company registration service providers to consider.

In this article, we have prepared a detailed comparison of company incorporation services in Hong Kong to help you evaluate which is the best fit for you.

In this article, we will compare Sleek with Statrys company incorporation services package so you can see the full breakdown. 

Let’s start!

Overview of Sleek

Sleek is a digital solution for company setup, compliance, bookkeeping, accounting, and more. Designed for SMEs, it aims to relieve entrepreneurs of administrative burdens, offering expert support and transparent pricing.

Let's take a look at Sleek's company incorporation service packages:

Package Price Ideal for
Incorporation - without Registered Address HKD5,290 Ideal for companies with a physical office in Hong Kong
Incorporation - with Registered Address HKD6,799 Ideal for companies without physical offices
Incorporation - with Registered Address and Accounting HKD6,799 + minimum HKD250/month Ideal for companies in immediate need of accounting services.

The monthly accounting fees may vary depending on the number of transactions.

The package does not include audit services, and there is no detail of profit tax return and tax calculation services.

Sleek provides three different packages for incorporation, depending on the needs of the clients. 

This includes:

  • Incorporation package 
  • Incorporation package with a Hong Kong-registered address
  • Incorporation package with a Hong Kong-registered address and accounting services

Please note that a registered address is mandatory for company incorporation in Hong Kong. This means that you must either rent a physical space in Hong Kong or choose a service that includes a registered address.

On the other hand, accounting, financial statements, and tax returns are only required once per fiscal year. So, while Sleek's accounting services can be convenient, it ultimately depends on whether you prefer to find your own alternative to waive the monthly fees, such as opting for annual bookkeeping instead of monthly reports.

Overview of Statrys

Statrys is a Hong Kong-based fintech company providing SMEs and entrepreneurs with company incorporation, multi-currency business accounts, and payment solutions. We prioritize personalized support, simplicity, and transparency.

Let's take a look at Statry's company incorporation service package:

Package Price Ideal for
One Inclusive Package HKD8,600 Ideal for companies that do not wish to rent an office in Hong Kong and looking to commence operations right away.

Statrys offer a single package at one price. This package covers the required registered address for one year, thus it is a comparable alternative to Sleek’s incorporation package with a Hong Kong-registered address.

Let’s see the comparison side by side.

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Sleek vs Statrys Company Incorporation Package Comparison

In this section, we compare the packages that include registered addresses from both providers.

Pricing  HKD6,799 HKD8,600 
Name Check Yes Yes
Filling out the Incorporation Application with Hong Kong Companies Registry Yes Yes
Certificate of Incorporation information not publicly available. Contact the company directly for more details. Yes
Business Registration Certificate (HKD2,150) Yes Yes
Company Chops Yes
Articles of Association Information not publicly available. Contact the company directly for more details. Yes
Registered Address (For 1 Year) Yes Yes
Government Fees Yes Yes
Company Secretarial Services Yes Yes 
Maintenance of Statutory Records Information not publicly available. Contact the company directly for more details. Yes
Appointment as the Designated Representative of the Company Information not publicly available. Contact the company directly for more details. Yes
Appointment / Resignation / Change of Personal Particulars of Director(s) Yes Yes 
Scanning of Received Mail Yes Yes
Application for Business Account Yes Yes
Accounting No No
Audit No No
Tax No No

Note: This table compares Statrys’ single package with a similar package offered by Sleek. 

Both providers offer similar services, but Statrys specifies coverage on the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association, which are fundamental documents for Hong Kong company incorporation. 

Statrys also addresses the offering in maintaining statutory records, which include the register of directors, shareholders, significant controllers & designated representatives of the company. This ensures the company’s compliance and allows businesses to have the information on hand in case required by the authority.

As for Sleek, since the information is not publicly available, it is recommended to contact the company directly for more details.

While neither of the packages includes accounting services within their one-time payment prices, Sleek offers an add-on option to prepare financial statements starting from a minimum monthly fee of 250HKD (actual fees depend on the number of transactions).

However, the financial statements provided within this package will be unaudited and there is no detail regarding tax calculation services or profit tax return. So it is advisable to directly contact Sleek for an accurate quotation.

Since accounting and tax returns are required once per fiscal year for companies in Hong Kong, Statrys will recommend accounting providers closer to the fiscal year end for a more accurate quotation based on transaction volume.

💡 Tip: Want to know more about accounting? Explore our guide on accounting and bookkeeping in Hong Kong 

Business Account Comparison

Account Opening With Airwallex
(subject to approval)
Statrys Business Account
(subject to approval)
Payment Card Visa Card
(subject to approval)
Statrys Payment Card
(subject to approval)
Dedicated Account Manager No Yes

Both providers offer business accounts for your Hong Kong Company, and both are subject to approval and can be opened 100% online.

Sleek partners with Airwallex for their business account, which means you may also enjoy Airwallex’s perks such as no minimum balance and savings on transaction fees. However, specific terms may vary. 

On the other side, Statrys offers a perk of dedicated account managers included with the business accounts and competitive FX rates.

🔎 Tip: Check out the full benefit of Statrys Business Account

Corporate Actions Comparison

Changes with Directors Included changes in directors Appointment / Resignation / Change of personal particular of Director
Changes with Shareholders Included changes in shareholders

Does not specify if allotment of shares is included or transfer of shares.

Not included

Allotment of shares and transfer quoted on request

Once the company is established, there might be the need to change the company structure, sell shares, and so on. 

Both Statrys and Sleek provide corporate action services for changing directors. Statrys lists appointments, resignations, and changes in personal particulars of directors within this service, while Sleek does not mention specific inclusions. Inquiries are needed for more details.

On another note, Statrys does not handle changes in shareholders but does provide quotes on request for the allotment of shares and transfers. As for Sleek, they include changes in shareholders, but not the specific details regarding the allotment of shares. It is recommended to directly consult Sleek for more information.

Customer Support Comparison

Communication Channels Phone, Chat & Email support Phone, Chat, Email, WeChat, Whatsapp
Working Hours 9am – 7pm (Hong Kong Time) 9am – 7pm (Hong Kong Time)
Dedicated Account Manager No Yes

Statrys customer support is more comprehensive, with additional communication channels and a dedicated account manager.

Over time, entrepreneurs handling business in China may find WeChat more convenient to use because of its dominant presence in the country. 

If anything is missing in this comparison, please let us know so we can improve and provide better comparisons for you in the future. Contact us through our website or email us at

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