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Osome vs Statrys company registration services comparison

If you are looking to register a company in Hong Kong and you need help deciding which company incorporation services to use, then you have come to the right place. 

There are many company incorporation services in Hong Kong, and in this article, we have prepared a detailed comparison of Osome and Statrys company incorporation services packages so you can see the full breakdown and make the right decision for your business. 

Let's start!

Overview of Osome

Osome is a cloud-based platform that helps small to medium-sized business owners, especially ecommerce sellers, with company incorporation, accounting, and secretarial services. They focus on handling all the routine tasks so that their entrepreneur clients can focus on growing the business.

Let's take a look at Osome's company incorporation service packages:

Package Price Ideal for
Essential HKD5,600 Ideal for companies that can rent their own physical office in Hong Kong
All-inclusive HKD7,000 Ideal for companies that do not wish to rent a physical office in Hong Kong 

Osome offers two packages for incorporation, the “Essential” package is for companies that have a physical office in Hong Kong, and therefore do not need a registered address. The “All-inclusive” package comes with a registered address tailored for companies that lack physical space. 

Please note that a registered address is mandatory, so businesses must either rent their own or pick a service that covers it.

None of their packages includes accounting services, which are quoted separately instead. 

Overview of Statrys

Statrys is a Hong Kong-based fintech company that offers company incorporation, multi-currency business accounts and payment solutions services to SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Let's take a look at Statry's company incorporation service package:

Package Price Ideal for
One Inclusive Package HKD8,600 Ideal for companies that do not wish to rent an office in Hong Kong and looking to commence operations right away.

Statrys offers one comprehensive package for incorporation which includes a registered address, thus this is a comparable alternative to Osome’s “All-inclusive” package.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Osome vs Statrys Company Incorporation Package Comparison

For this section, we compare the providers’ Hong Kong company incorporation packages that include a registered address.

Pricing  HKD7,000  HKD8,600 
Name Check Information not provided Yes
Filling out the Incorporation Application with Hong Kong Companies Registry Yes Yes
Certificate of Incorporation Yes Yes
Business Registration Certificate (HKD2,150) Yes Yes
Company Chops Yes
Articles of Association Yes Yes
Registered Address (For 1 Year) Yes Yes
Company Secretarial Services Yes Yes 
Maintenance of Statutory Records Limited information on their website, contact the company directly for more details Yes
Appointment as the Designated Representative of the Company Limited information on their website, contact the company directly for more details
Appointment / Resignation / Change of Personal Particulars of Director(s) Yes Yes 
Scanning of Received Mail Yes Yes
Application for Business Account Yes Yes
Accounting No No
Audit No No
Tax No No

Note: This table compares Statrys’ single package with a similar package offered by Osome.

Statrys and Osome check almost all the similar boxes. However, Statrys may be more comprehensive regarding name checks, company chops, and maintaining statutory records. For Osome, there is limited public information available, so it’s advisable to contact the company directly for details.

Neither Statrys nor Osome offers accounting services in the company registration packages. 

However, as the fiscal year-end approaches, Statrys can analyse your transaction volume and recommend suitable accounting providers along with suitable quotations. Osome, on another note, has separate accounting service plans to explore starting from HKD288/month billed annually (unaudited). 

Note that in Hong Kong, companies are not required to perform monthly reports. They can opt for an annual report, which meets the compliance standards.

💡 Tip: You can learn more about accounting in our guide on accounting and bookkeeping in Hong Kong 

Business Account Comparison

Account Opening With Traditional banks & neobanks
(both subject to approval)
Statrys Business Account
(subject to approval)
Payment Card No detail available in their package Statrys Payment Card
(subject to approval)
Dedicated Account Manager No detail available in their package Yes

Osome partners with traditional banks and neobanks like HSBC and Airwallex, and assists their clients in the application process. The application is subjected to approval by the banks registered and the benefits will vary based on the chosen bank. 

On the other hand, Statrys offers its own business account and payment card service. The application is subject to approval with Statrys. Benefits include 11 currencies within a single account number, fx service with competitive rates, and a dedicated account manager.

🔎 Tip: Check out the full benefit of Statrys Business Account

Corporate Actions Comparison

Changes with Directors Included changes in directors Appointment / Resignation / Change of personal particular of Director
Changes with Shareholders Included changes in shareholders Not included

Allotment of shares and transfer quoted on request

To improve profitability, expand growth, or for other business-related reasons, your company might need to change the structure or sell shares.

Osome states that they can perform unlimited corporate changes related to directors, shareholders, shares, etc. 

It is advisable to verify the specifics directly with the company.

On a separate note, Statrys offers services related to director changes, including appointment, resignation, and change of personal particular of the director. However, the service does not cover shareholder changes. Instead, Statrys provides quotations for share allotment and facilitates transfers upon request.

Customer Support Comparison

Communication Channels Phone, Chat, Chatbot, Whatsapp & Email support Phone, Chat, Email, WeChat, Whatsapp
Working Hours 9am – 6pm (Hong Kong Time) 9am – 7pm (Hong Kong Time)
Dedicated Account Manager No Yes

For customer support, Statrys offers more communication channels, longer hours and a dedicated account manager. 

China-focused entrepreneurs may also prefer WeChat for convenience as it is the dominant communication channel in the country.

If anything is missing in this comparison, please let us know so we can improve and better support you in the future. Contact us through our website or email us at support@statrys.com.

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