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Why We Charge a Monthly Fee

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You don’t like the idea of being charged a monthly fee. We get it.

Still, we charge a monthly fee of HKD88? That’s around USD11. But why?

Our fight against ghost clients

“Ghost clients” are clients who open an account but they never use it.

Think of some people spending the whole afternoon in a coffee place and ordering only 1 Café Latte. Some clients don’t even order anything but they require from us the same attention.

Time and money that we cannot invest to serve you.

This issue can only grow as we grow, so we decided to fight it by charging a monthly fee. In practice, it keeps ghosts clients away. That simple. And we can invest it in you.

Our commitment to you

We feel that a small monthly fee has little impact on your business, especially when compared to the lower price you enjoy when making payments or exchanging money.

Still, we wanted to give you something valuable in return.

We take the challenge to offer you what matters most: the best possible customer support!

You call us, you write us a message, always real people answer with the level of detail-oriented support you deserve.

And if you drop by any of our offices, we are happy to offer you any coffee that you like!


When do we charge the monthly fee?

The monthly fee is charged automatically on the first day of each civil month against the balance of the business account. If the balance is not sufficient on that day, a new attempt will be done three days later, and so on, every three days, until the charge is successful.

How do we charge the monthly fee?


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