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Statrys Launches Maker-approver: Scaling Convenience and Security in Transfers and FX Management

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Statrys introduces Maker-approver, a collection of innovative features offering businesses secure and flexible transfer management solutions, coupled with optimized FX planning, to meet the evolving needs of practicality and simplicity.

HONG KONG – August 3, 2023 – Statrys, a leading fintech company, rolls out Maker-approver, a unique collection of features focused on improving the management of transfers and foreign exchange (FX).

These enhancements are designed to optimize the way businesses manage transfers and foreign exchange (FX), providing a secure, convenient, and scalable solution. Maker-approver simplifies business operations, catering to the evolving needs of companies seeking both practicality and simplicity.

Recognized for delivering reliable financial solutions, Statrys continues to adapt to meet the changing demands of businesses. The introduction of Maker-approver is a testament to this commitment.

Maker-approver enables businesses to prepare transfers without immediate balance availability, adding a layer of flexibility to their financial planning. This extends to supporting FX transfers during weekends using indicative rates, allowing companies to manage and execute large FX transfers, even on holidays.

One integral component of Maker-approver is the enhanced transfer approval flow. It allows businesses to designate specific roles for initiating and approving transfers, ensuring all activities are appropriately authorized. This enhances security and establishes clear governance over all transfers while also offering a personalized transfer flow that can be tailored to fit individual business needs.

Available today, businesses can start using Maker-approver features by simply logging into the user-friendly Statrys platform.

Statrys continues to focus on delivering financial solutions that enhance business operations' efficiency, security, and adaptability. Explore the convenience of Maker-approver and take a step towards improving your financial management experience.

About Statrys:

Statrys is a Hong Kong-based fintech company that provides accessible financial solutions to SMEs and startups. With a customer-centric approach, Statrys offers payment solutions that enable businesses to manage their finances flexibly and effortlessly, allowing them to concentrate on their core objectives – growth.

To learn more about Statrys and its range of cross-border payment solutions, visit www.statrys.com.

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Do all transfers need to undergo the approval process?

No, all transfers are subject to approval by the designated Transaction Approver of the Statrys Business Account unless the Transaction Approver decides to prepare and submit the payment directly.

How does the transfer approval flow work?


How can Maker-approver impact my transfers?


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