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What are the user roles available on the Statrys business account? Can I prepare a payment for received invoices now and complete the payment later if I don't have enough balance in my account?How to change user roles on the Statrys Business Account?Do all transfers need to undergo the approval process?What can a Reader do?What can a Transaction Maker do?How can Maker-approver impact my transfers?What is Maker-approver?What can a Transaction Approver do?How does the transfer approval flow work? What are the changes to the previous roles?What happens if the Transaction Approver accidentally approves a transfer?Can I delegate my employees or team members to authorize payments?Can a person be both a Transaction Maker and a Transaction Approver in Maker-approver?

With Statrys, our platform offers the Maker-approver feature that adds an additional layer of security to transactions.

Users can easily set up the Maker-approver feature and proceed to have more flexibility and control on a streamlined payment flow.

This feature requires a two-step authorization process before any payment can be executed.

Both Transaction Makers and Approvers can prepare payments at their convenience, while Transaction Approvers have the ability to execute the payment as needed.

By implementing this feature, we aim to provide a secure and efficient payment system for our users.


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