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What are your transfer fees?

The transfer fees at Statrys are usually determined by the currency involved, the amount, and the nature of the transaction, i.e., whether it's a local payment within Hong Kong or an international payment originating from outside Hong Kong.

Incoming Payments

  • Local incoming payments in HKD, CNY, and USD: no fees
  • Local incoming payments in currencies other than HKD, CNY, and USD: HKD 55
  • International incoming payments on all 11 currencies: HKD 55

Outgoing Payments

  • Local payments within the same DBS branch code (016): no fees
  • Local payments in HKD and CNY: HKD 5
  • For international payments or local payments in currencies other than HKD and CNY, Statrys offers 2 options for you to choose from when booking a transfer

    1. Pay for Statrys Charges (HKD 75): this option is to cover STATRYS/DBS bank charges excluding the fees of intermediary banks and the beneficiary's bank. The amount that reaches your recipient's account will be the funds less the intermediary bank’s and beneficiary’s bank fees.

    2. Pay for all charges (HKD 270-500): this option is to cover all charges including intermediary bank and beneficiary bank charges. The funds that will reach your beneficiary's account will be the same as the amount sent from your Statrys account.

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