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Proof of address in Hong Kong is a document that confirms your residency by associating your name with a Hong Kong address.

The best proof of address in Hong Kong is your bills, such as phone, utility, and bank statements with your name and address. You can use family relation documents in case your name is not on the bills.

Whether you're planning to do business in Hong Kong, study, or relocate here, you will need to provide documentation to prove that you are a resident of Hong Kong. You will need this in order to access certain government services or open a bank account for both personal use and business. 

But what is accepted as a proof of address in Hong Kong, and where can you get it? This article will explain everything you need to know about proof of address. 

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What Is Proof of Address in Hong Kong?

Proof of address in Hong Kong is a document that verifies a person's residential address. It is a crucial document that connects an individual's name to a real Hong Kong address, confirming their residency and ensuring the authenticity of their claimed living location. 

Proof of address is not just a formality but a key component in various administrative and legal processes, serving multiple purposes across different sectors.

In the next section, we will take a look at what is accepted as proof of address in Hong Kong. 

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What Are Accepted as Proof of Address in Hong Kong?

The types of documents accepted as proof of address in Hong Kong vary among banks and institutions, but these documents are generally recognised.

  • Utility bills such as water, electricity, and gas bills
  • Telephone bills, mobile phone bills, and internet service bills
  • Bank, money lender, insurance, or MPF statements
  • Government or Judiciary documents, such as tax demand notes and government rent
  • Valid, stamped tenancy agreement issued within three months of application, covering the application date 
  • Documents or bills from universities or degree-awarding higher education institutions
  • Bills, correspondences, or documents from public organisations, such as the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society. 

If your permanent address differs from your residential one, you may need to provide proof for both. This is because banks and other institutions use address information to verify an individual's identity and background. 

A permanent address typically represents a long-term, stable location associated with an individual, often used for official records and legal purposes. A residential address, on the other hand, indicates where the person currently lives. Verifying both addresses helps institutions understand the individual's current living situation and their more stable, long-term connections.

Additionally, banks and institutions have their own specific criteria for determining valid proof of address in their applications, so it's best to refer to their official websites for guidance.

🔎 Note: In most cases, a Post Office (PO) box address is not considered a valid proof of address.

Criteria for a Valid Proof of Address in Hong Kong

A valid proof of address in Hong Kong must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Include the applicant's name and address
  • Specify the issuing organisation
  • Display the date of issuance
  • Be dated within three months or less prior to the application date

Banks may accept originals, copies, photocopies, or fax copies, but there can be variations, and some may accept one form but not the others. Therefore, it's advisable to confirm with your selected banks.

Alternatively, consider bringing all available forms to prevent the need for revisiting. 

How Can I Get Proof of Address in Hong Kong?

To obtain proof of address in Hong Kong, the easiest way is to gather bills with your name and address on them.

However, in some cases, individuals living at a valid address may not have their names on utility bills or other documents that can serve as proof of address. This situation is common for minors, dependent partners, subtenants, shelter residents, or live-in employees.

If your name is not on the bills for any reason, you can explore other common alternatives, like obtaining a bank statement or providing proof of family relation if you reside with family members.

Now, let's explore all the possible ways to get proof of address in Hong Kong below.

⚠️ Caution: Address fraud is a serious legal offence. Only pursue these documents if you currently live in Hong Kong. 

Use A Hong Kong Phone Bill

Phone bills are one of the best options to use as proof of address.

If you already have one with your name and current address, you're all set.

If you don't have one, don't worry; the massive improvements in phone technology in recent decades make it easier than ever to set up a phone plan.

It's cheap, too. Some Hong Kong basic mobile phone service starts at just HKD 50 per month!

Visit your nearest mobile phone provider, buy the cheapest phone you can find, and get the most basic plan.

Then, register the plan to your address of residency. Regardless of whether you live on your own, with a friend, or with a relative, it should work as long as the address you provide is your actual place of residence.

Within a month, you should receive the bill or statement from the phone company, with your name and address on it.

You can also sign up for electronic delivery, where you request for the documents to be sent via email or text messages. This enables you to receive your bills faster compared to traditional postal mail delivery.

However, some government services and businesses still require a paper document or hard copy, so keep that in mind when opting for the electronic delivery option. 

Use A Utility Bill

Utility bills are another commonly used document for proof of address. If you own or officially rent a place in Hong Kong, this should be your go-to for proof of address.

Typically, these bills remain valid as proof of address for three months, ensuring that the address is actively being used.

In addition, bills should be in your name and show your current address. 

Use A Bank Statement

Using a bank statement as proof of address is very common worldwide because it comes from a highly credible source, which is the banks.

To get a bank statement, you must have an account with a local bank in Hong Kong and ensure that the address you provided to the bank is the same as your residential address or permanent address.

Another way to get bank statements is to sign up for credit or debit cards and start using them to make purchases and every month, the bank will send you the bank statements for your previous transactions. 

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Use Legal Documents for Property Ownership

If you have recently moved into a property you purchased in Hong Kong and have not received any utility bills, you can provide legal documents demonstrating ownership of the property at your current address as proof.

Alternatively, you can also submit a certification issued by the relevant estate management agency, which verifies your residence at the specified address.

Use A Real Estate Document

If you've rented a property in Hong Kong or are staying with a friend in a rented or owned place, you may be able to provide a certificate from the estate management agency stating your residence at that address as proof of address.

Use University Documents

If you're an international student studying in Hong Kong, you can reach out to your university to request proof of address.

This document is essential for opening a local bank account and applying for other necessary services like phone plans. Your university is aware of this requirement and should be willing to provide the necessary documentation.

Use Your Family's Proof of Address Along With Proof of Your Relationship

If you live with your family in Hong Kong and your name isn't on the bills, you can use a bill for a member of your family in conjunction with a document that proves your family relation.

This could be a 

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage license 

As long as you can prove that you're a part of the family, you'll be considered a resident.

Use Your Employer's Proof of Address Along With Proof of Employment

If your employer provides your place of residence in Hong Kong, here's what you may be able to provide as proof of address 

  • A certification issued by your employer verifying that the residence is provided to you
  • A proof of the residence address
  • Proof of employment, which could include an employment contract or salary statement.

💡 Note: An employee name card is not acceptable proof of employment.

While the above are commonly accepted documents, each institution's policies differ, and we can't provide absolute assurance. It's best to check with your bank or institution to confirm their specific requirements.  

Why Proof of Address is Important:

Next, we will cover what makes proof of address necessary in Hong Kong and everywhere else as well.

Banking and Financial Regulations: 

Banks in Hong Kong, as in many other places, require proof of address as part of their application process. This requirement is in place to comply with anti-money laundering laws and regulations. Having a verified address allows banks to maintain accurate records, ensuring they can reach their customers when necessary and provide secure financial services.

Government and Public Services: 

The government and various businesses also need proof of address to verify an individual's eligibility for specific services and benefits. This includes registering for healthcare services, social welfare programs, and even for voting purposes.

Daily Life and Services: 

In everyday life, proof of address is essential for tasks such as setting up utilities (like electricity and water), enrolling children in schools, and applying for or renewing a driver's license. Schools often use proof of address to determine catchment areas, while utility companies need it to ensure services are provided to the correct location.

Understanding what qualifies as proof of address and why it's needed is essential for anyone living in or moving to Hong Kong. This knowledge facilitates smoother interactions with financial institutions, government bodies, and service providers, ensuring compliance with local regulations and ease of accessing various services.

Back to You

To wrap up, the simplest options for proof of address in Hong Kong are phone bills and utility bills. A bank statement is a viable second choice. Additionally, legal documents related to property ownership or real estate management could be used.

If you live with family, their proof of address, along with proof of your relation to them, should be acceptable.

If you're here for business and are looking to open a business bank account in Hong Kong, be aware that there are specific requirements and details to consider other than proof of address of your office as well. At Statrys, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for Hong Kong that you can use to help you get started. 

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Proof of address in Hong Kong is a document that shows that your name is associated with a real Hong Kong address.

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