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Best bookkeeping and accounting services in Hong Kong

Running a business in Hong Kong requires compliance with the city's accounting and tax regulations.

In essence, maintaining accurate financial records, adhering to tax compliance requirements, and extracting valuable data for strategic planning are vital for all businesses, whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

Nonetheless, accounting can be complex and time-consuming, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the local rules. 

This is why outsourcing accounting services is a popular choice.

But which provider suits your Hong Kong accounting needs best? To assist you, we have listed the top 5 bookkeeping and accounting services evaluated for their reputation, experience, and services.

Let's dive in. 

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5 Best Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Hong Kong

Service Provider Best For Highlighted Feature Fees
Osome logo Startups and SMEs looking for an affordable option with varying revenue levels  • Dedicated accountant
• Unlimited bookkeeping
Ecommerce accounting
Compliance filing
Unaudited financial statement
HKD228 - HKD2,400 

Sleek logo SMEs looking for predictable budgeting and comprehensive support  • Dedicated accountant
• Automated bookkeeping
Ecommerce accounting
Audit & Tax Filing
Unaudited financial statement
CFO services (Add-on)
HKD250 - HKD6,000

La Nao logo Cross-border businesses needing both accounting and legal expertise in Hong Kong and China • Audit
• Bookkeeping
Tax Returns filing
IRD liaising
Financial statements  preparation
Quote-based only
startupr logo New companies and existing SMEs looking for a range of accounting services  • Bookkeeping
• Financial statements  preparation
Bank reconciliation
Profits Tax Return (PTR) filing
HKD1,100 - HKD4,000

Nova logo Businesses looking for a cloud-based solution • Cloud accounting
• Cloud bookkeeping
Tax management
CFO Advisory
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Quote-based only

🔎 Note: All information provided below is dated 7 November 2023 and may have been updated since. Please check each service provider's website for the latest information.

1. Osome

Screenshot of Osome's website

Osome is a comprehensive business solutions provider specialising in offering incorporation, accounting, and bookkeeping services to startups, entrepreneurs, and corporations.

Their accounting services include access to a dedicated accountant through live chat, audit, compliance filing, secure document storage, tax management, and unlimited bookkeeping services. 

Osome Key Features

  • Accountant and dedicated accountant
  • Unlimited bookkeeping services
  • Audit 
  • Compliance filing
  • Unaudited financial report 
  • Accounting for ecommerce 
  • Online accounting consulting services
  • Accounting software with automation
  • Financial documents storage 

Osome Pricing

Osome's pricing is based on revenue, not on the number of transactions or invoices. In other words, their pricing is based on your overall financial performance throughout the fiscal year rather than the calendar year. 

Plan Features Pricing 

Recommended for businesses with monthly revenue under HKD30k

• Annual assessment by an accountant
• Unaudited financial statements
Annual management report
In-app chat for responses within 24 hours
Accounting software with annual automated bookkeeping and automated tax classifications 
HKD228/ month Billed annually 

Recommended for businesses with monthly revenue under HKD60k
• Dedicated accountant for personalised support
• Annual assessment by an accountant
Unaudited financial statements
Monthly management report
In-app chat for responses within 24 hours
Accounting software with regular automated bookkeeping and receipts upload with categorisation.
HKD720/ month Billed monthly

Or   HKD600/ month Billed annually

Recommended for businesses with monthly revenue under HKD150k 
• Dedicated accountant for personalised support
• Monthly assessment by an accountant
Unaudited financial statements
Monthly management report
Accounting software with regular automated bookkeeping and receipts upload with categorisation.
HKD1,400/ month Billed monthly

Or   HKD1,167/ month Billed annually

Osome Pros and Cons

Osome Pros

  • Unlimited bookkeeping services
  • A dedicated accountant with a guaranteed 24-hour response time

Osome Cons

  • May not be the best fit for businesses with high revenue
  • Revenue-based pricing also might not favour rapidly growing companies with slim margins

2. Sleek

Screenshot of Sleek's website

Sleek is an online corporate service provider that offers 100% online company registration, company secretary, and accounting & auditing in Hong Kong. Sleek was founded by Julien Labruyere (CEO) and Adrien Barthel (CG) in 2017. Currently, most of Sleek's customers are SMEs based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK.

Prominent investors, such as Jungle Ventures, White Star Capital, and EDBI, are invested in Sleek. Their Bookkeeping and Accounting services include managing the accounting of day-to-day, monthly, quarterly, and year-end business operations, financial reporting, and record/bookkeeping.

An assigned certified public accountant will also help in providing accounting reports in accordance with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

Sleek's Features

  • Accounting with a dedicated accountant 
  • Accounting for ecommerce
  • Automated bookkeeping 
  • Payroll services
  • Corporate tax management
  • Audit & Tax Filing
  • CFO services
  • Reports

Sleek's Pricing

The pricing for Sleek's main packages is as follows.

Annual Bookkeeping

What's included in this plan:

  • Support from a dedicated accountant
  • Bookkeeping
  • Unaudited financial report
  • Employers return
  • Accounting software
  • Smart receipt
  • Xero subscription for HKD 3,880 per financial year
  • 5 days SLA support
  • Annual Management reports
Monthly Expenses Threshold Price 
HKD15K HKD250/month billed annually
HKD50K HKD680/month billed annually
HKD100K HKD980/month billed annually
HKD200K HKD1,800/month billed annually
HKD400K HKD2,700/month billed annually
Above HKD400K Contact sales

Accounting and Payroll

What's included in this plan:

  • Everything in the Annual Bookkeeping plan, plus
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Upgrade from 5 days to 48 hours SLA support
  • Upgrade from annual to monthly Management report
Monthly Expenses Threshold Price 
HKD15K HKD490/month billed annually
HKD50K HKD840/month billed annually
HKD100K HKD1,200/month billed annually
HKD200K HKD2,200/month billed annually
HKD400K HKD3,400/month billed annually
Above HKD400K Contact sales

Accounting Premium

What's included in this plan:

  • Everything in the Accounting and Payroll plan, plus
  • Upgrade from monthly bookkeeping to weekly bookkeeping 
  • Upgrade from 48 hours to 24 hours SLA support
  • Quarterly review meetings with senior accountant
Monthly Expenses Threshold Price 
HKD15K HKD1,260/month Billed annually
HKD50K HKD1,850/month Billed annually
HKD100K HKD2,500/month Billed annually
HKD200K HKD3,900/month Billed annually
HKD400K HKD6,000/month Billed annually
Above HKD400K Contact sales
Add-ons Pricing 
Xero accounting software HKD3,880 per financial year
CFO services From HKD3,500
Financial audit From HKD4,800

Sleek Pros and Cons

Sleek Pros

  • The expense-based pricing structure allows for predictable budgeting
  • A valuable add-on consultant from the CFO

Sleek Cons

  • The expense-based pricing may not be suitable for businesses with fluctuating or seasonal expenses
  • Additional costs for add-on services

3. La Nao Consulting

Screenshot of La Nao's website

La Nao Consulting operates as a professional service firm providing legal, accounting, and corporate services in Hong Kong and China, including corporate services, internal law, cross-border contracts, market entry strategies, industry analysis, partnership facilitation, accounting, tax, and audit assistance. 

Their team comprises lawyers, accountants, and corporate governance specialists in both regions.

La Nao Consulting Features

  • Audit coordination
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax computation and strategy
  • Filing of Tax Returns
  • Inland Revenue Department liaising
  • Payroll services
  • Preparation of financial statements

La Nao Consulting Pricing

Pricing details are not listed on their website. To inquire about their pricing and fee structure, please contact La Nao Consulting directly.

La Nao Consulting's Pros and Cons

La Nao Pros

  • Specialise in cross-border business between Hong Kong and China
  • Offer legal services beyond accounting 

La Nao Cons

  • Plans and pricing details not available
  • A smaller range of accounting services compared to competitors 

4. Startupr

Screenshot of Startupr's website

Startupr Hong Kong Limited is a Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) offering comprehensive business support, assisting customers throughout their entire Hong Kong business journey, from inception and registration to daily operations. 

Licensed under the Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, their services encompass the incorporation of new Hong Kong companies, facilitating bank account opening options, and offering professional accounting and audit services. 

Startupr Features

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Management account development (Profit and loss, Balance sheet, Trial balance, General ledger)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Hong Kong taxation services 
  • Profits Tax Return (PTR) filing
  • Xero and QuickBooks software

Startupr Pricing


What's included in this plan:

  • General bookkeeping
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial statements
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Backoffice system storage
  • Quarterly reviews and reports
  • Quickbooks desktop software
Transaction Amount Pricing 
130 transactions per year HKD1,100 per month


What's included in this plan:

  • Everything in Startup, plus;
  • Upgrade from quarterly to monthly reviews and reports
  • Quickbooks desktop, Quickbooks Online, or Xero Online
  • Invoice administration
  • Tracking of bill settlements
  • Monthly Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) reports
Transaction Amount Pricing 
250 transactions per year HKD1,500 per month


What's included in this plan:

  • Everything in SME, plus;
  • Weekly email support
  • Access to Startupr tax guides tailored for Hong Kong companies
  • Provision of tax representation to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) upon request
Transaction Amount Pricing 
600 transactions per year HKD2,600 per month
800 transactions per year HKD3,100 per month
1000 transactions per year HKD3,600 per month
1200 transactions per year HKD4,000 per month
Above 1400 transactions per year Custom

Additional administrative fees may be incurred depending on the required amount of work and the chosen Online Cloud Subscription plan.

Startupr Pros and Cons

Startupr Pros

  • Offer both Xero and QuickBooks software
  • Comprehensive Hong Kong taxation services, including Profits Tax Return (PTR) filing, Employer’s Return (ER) filing, and Individual Tax Return (BIR60) filing

Startupr Cons

  • Startupsr pricing model can be costly for businesses with high transaction volume but low revenue
  • Possible extra administrative fees, determined by the extent of work and the Online Cloud Subscription plan

5. Nova

Screenshot of Nova's website

As a business service provider, Nova offers a range of services, including business setup, cloud accounting, auditing, and digital transformation, to startups and growing businesses in Hong Kong and the APEC region. They leverage modern technologies and software like Xero, Netsuite, and Dext to offer a full suite of solutions.

Nova has earned the trust of over 2,000 esteemed businesses worldwide, spanning various sectors and sizes, including shopping malls, tech startups, multinational enterprises, restaurants, and retail chains.

Nova Key Accounting Features

  • Cloud accounting and bookkeeping
  • Auditing and tax management 
  • CFO Advisory 
  • Cloud HR and payroll
  • Insights and real-time reporting 
  • Automated workflow
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Nova Pricing 

There is no pricing information available on their website. Please contact Nova directly to learn more about their pricing and fee structure.

Nova's Pros and Cons

Nova Pros

  • Focus on modern technologies and software like Cloud HR
  • Unique ERP service and consultant from CFO

Nova Cons

  • No pricing information available online
  • Lack of plan details, making it difficult to assess suitability

Why Do Businesses Need A Bookkeeping and Accounting Service? 

Business owners often believe they should handle their own bookkeeping and accounting to monitor expenses closely. 

However, there are compelling reasons to consider hiring professional services, with the top two being: 

  • Better time management - Keeping financial records, bookkeeping tasks, payroll, taxes, and financial reporting takes a significant amount of time that business owners may not have. As business expands, many owners realise their time is better invested in their core products. 
  • Expertise and oversight - Bookkeepers and accountants have specialised skills and knowledge of accounting standards, tax laws, and financial compliance that the average business owner may lack. An accounting service also provides an extra set of eyes to catch errors, identify opportunities for improvement, and monitor financial health. In essence, this helps protect and improve the business.

How to Choose the Right Hong Kong Accounting Service Provider?

Making the best choice for your accounting services is crucial. This section covers the essential considerations.

1. Expertise and Experience

Expertise and experience in accounting should be the primary focus. Firstly, look for a certified accountant who can efficiently and accurately handle your accounting tasks. In Hong Kong, you can look for a certification from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA).

Secondly, ensure they have experience working with businesses similar to yours in terms of size, industry, and complexity. Hence, you can be confident that they understand your specific challenges and can offer solutions tailored to your business goals.

In a few words, consider their qualifications, years of experience, and areas of specialisation. 

2. Range of Services

The second factor that you should consider is the range of services that the accounting service provider offers. 

Depending on your business needs, you may require different types of accounting and bookkeeping services, such as:

  • Audit 
  • Tax computation and filing
  • Financial statements preparation and analysis
  • Management accounting and reporting
  • General ledger and trial balance preparation
  • Payroll 
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow management

Selecting a service provider that can deliver all or most of your required services is the optimal decision. 

This approach not only saves you time and money but also ensures consistency and quality in managing your accounting and bookkeeping functions.

However, there may be situations where certain services are not needed on a regular basis. For example, accounting, financial statements, and tax returns are typically required annually. 

Your choice between monthly services for ongoing insights and convenience or more cost-effective options like annual bookkeeping depends on your preference. 

💡 Tip: The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department mandates audits for all Hong Kong Limited Companies, even for operations beyond Hong Kong's borders.

3. Software and Modern Solution

Consider the tools and technology that your accounting provider leverages. 

Modern accounting and cloud-based solutions like Xero and QuickBooks can offer automation capabilities, real-time access to financial data, and cost efficiency.

The ultimate aim is streamlined accounting. You will also want a service that can be integrated with your existing CRM, ERP, inventory systems and more. 

In fact, 94% of accountants have embraced a modern technology like cloud accounting.

4. Pricing Structure and Plans

Flexibility and transparency in pricing are also essential. You'll notice that different providers may structure their fees in various ways, such as based on transaction amounts or monthly expenses. 

Most of the providers offer packages per fiscal year with the option for additional pay-as-you-go services. 

Simply choose the one that fits your budget and ensure they don't have hidden fees. 

Here are some questions to consider when evaluating a potential service provider:

  • Do you provide customised solutions?
  • Are there any extra charges for additional services?
  • Do you offer discounts?

Final Thoughts

Navigating financial compliance and planning in Hong Kong's dynamic market can be challenging, so we've identified the top 5 bookkeeping and accounting services that excel in simplifying those processes. 

This includes Osome with affordable pricing for startups, Sleek's digital-first approach for SMEs, La Nao's expert guidance on cross-border intricacies, Startupr with support from new ventures' inception to daily financial tasks, and Nova's cloud-based solutions. 

When finding the perfect accounting partner in Hong Kong, you'll want to consider expertise, services, software solutions, and transparent pricing. 

Ultimately, the right services can be a key to substantial time and cost efficiencies.

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