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What Is a Bank Routing Number and How to Find It

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A routing number (also known as ABA which stands for American Bankers Association or RTN which stands for Routing Transit Number) is a nine-digit number that is used by banks or other financial institutions to identify where your account was opened in order to send or receive money.

There are 3 easy ways to find your bank's routing number. The first method is finding them on your bank's website. The second method is on your check, checkbook or bank statements. The third method is to find them on your bank's online banking app or portal.

What Is a Bank Routing Number?

A routing number (also known as ABA which stands for American Bankers Association or RTN which stands for Routing Transit Number) is a nine-digit number that is used by banks or other financial institutions to identify where your account was opened in order to send or receive money.

Each bank will have its own specific routing number assigned to them to reduce the chances of miscommunication. In cases where the wrong routing number was provided during the transfer, it can cause your transaction to be delayed, or denied, and if it was approved, it could be transferred to the wrong account.

Should You Keep Bank Routing Number Confidential?

A routing number is not and does not need to be confidential. This is because most routing numbers are public information that can be found on each bank's website.

Examples of public Bank Routing Numbers from popular banks:

- Bank of America

- Wells Fargo

- Chase


- TD Bank


- Navy Federal

What Are Bank Routing Numbers Used For?

A routing number is used for various purposes - like sending and receiving funds from wire transfers - but it's also great for many banking activities. No matter if your transactions are small or large, knowing what your routing number offers can be quite significant in various situations.

In your business, you'll likely come across recurring payments, like bills, paychecks, social security, etc. Here's one situation where your routing number plays a pivotal role. You can use it to set up direct deposit or automatic online payments or in some cases even loan payments.

Taxes are something that every company needs to deal with. So, when you file for a tax refund or to debit a tax payment, you can use your routing number as a reference to support your tax procedures.

When you transfer money from different bank accounts, sometimes using a wire transfer for smaller and more frequent transactions can be more than what you need. With your routing number, you can opt to use ACH transfers as an alternative solution, which will also save you more cost.

🔎 Did you know?: Routing numbers are used for bank account transfers only, and not for credit or debit card purchases.

How To Find Your Bank Routing Number?

Most of the time, you will be able to find a routing number on a check, which will have a nine-digit long line of numbers (magnetic ink character recognition) embedded at the bottom left corner.

But there are also other options where you can find your bank's routing number, such as:

  • On your check or checkbook
  • On your bank statements
  • On your Bank’s online banking app or portal
  • Calling your bank
  • Using an online Routing Lookup tool like the ABA Routing Number Lookup tool (or your country’s equivalent)

How To Find Your Bank Routing Number On a Check?

If you’ve been to your bank and opened an account recently, then you’ve no doubt noticed that the banker has given you a checkbook. Since these checkbooks are specifically made for your bank, they have their routing number on them.

An infographic outlining the routing number in a check.

The routing number is the first nine digits on the bottom left of the check, and it will be the same on every single check from your bank.

How To Find Your Bank Routing Number Online?

What if you don’t use checks? If you do your banking online like most people, then you won’t have access to your checkbook.

But the online account you use to connect to your bank has all the information that you need.

The most popular ways to find your routing number online are from a computer (laptop or desktop) and a phone (mobile application)

On your computer

  • Log into your bank account
  • Once you see your accounts, you can navigate to ‘account numbers’ or ‘account settings’ or something similar.
  • The bank routing number is right next to your account number and will be clearly labeled for you.

On your phone

  • Log into your bank’s mobile app
  • Look for terms labeled "information on your account 0r account information".
  • Once you are there, navigate to options that provide "routing number"
  • The routing number should be clearly labeled.

List of Bank Routing Numbers For Banks In The US

Bank Routing number SWIFT CODE
Bank of America 026009593 BOFAUS3N
Wells Fargo 121000248 WFBIUS6S
Chase 021000021 CHASUS33
TD Bank 031101266 NRTHUS33XXX
Navy Federal Credit Union 256074974 Sender's bank to provide

📖 Helpful Resources: Learn what is SWIFT and how to find SWIFT code with our articles.

Difference Between a Routing Number And An Account Number

In contrast to routing numbers, an account number is a unique identifier assigned by a bank to distinguish one account from another within their institution. It helps in identifying and managing specific accounts associated with individuals or businesses.

Account numbers can vary in format and length depending on the bank, but they generally consist of a combination of numbers and sometimes letters. In our example earlier, we can see that the account number is located next to the routing number on a check.

When conducting transactions, both the routing number and the account number are required to ensure that funds are accurately directed to the correct bank and account.

It's important to note that routing numbers and account numbers are specific to the banking systems of individual countries. While the explanation above pertains to the United States, other countries may have their own unique identifiers and formats for routing and account numbers. These numbers serve as vital components in the banking infrastructure, enabling secure and efficient transfer of funds between financial institutions.

⚡ Important: Although bank routing numbers are not confidential, we recommend you keep your account number secure because this number can identify your account.


What is a routing number?

A routing number is a nine-digit code used by banks to identify specific banks within the United States.

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