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Statrys Wins 'SME Payment Solutions of the Year - Hong Kong' at 2023 ABF Retail Banking Awards

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Statrys Reinforces Its Commitment to SMEs with Innovations and Service Excellence, Cementing Its Position in the Fintech Sphere.

HONG KONG – August 28, 2023 – Statrys, a fintech leader in Hong Kong, is thrilled to announce its win for "SME Payment Solutions of the Year - Hong Kong" at the esteemed ABF Retail Banking Awards 2023. This award highlights Statrys' dedication to providing top-notch payment solutions specifically designed for SMEs in global trade.

Statrys offers business accounts in 11 major currencies and has recently expanded to support transactions in 18 currencies. The company has also integrated with Xero and launched a Maker-approver suite of tools to enhance its platform's capabilities.

Thanks to its customer-centric approach, Statrys' Customer Experience team has cut response times in half, even as message volume tripled.

In 2022, Statrys expanded its services to include company incorporation and invoice management, further solidifying its commitment to offering comprehensive solutions for SMEs in the APAC region.


We're deeply honored to receive this industry recognition. It's a testament to our team's hard work and the valuable feedback we've received from our clients and partners. Our focus has always been on creating tailored solutions for SMEs, guided by our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow, these principles will remain at the core of our mission to become the go-to payment solutions provider in the APAC region.

Bertrand Théaud, Founder of Statrys
Bertrand Théaud
Founder, Statrys

Statrys is at the forefront of transforming traditional payment solutions. With over 3,500 clients and an impressively low FX fee of 0.1%—significantly below the industry average of 0.7% — Statrys stands out as one of the most affordable payment platforms in the region. This commitment to innovation and value is further recognized by the ABF Retail Banking Awards, a testament to excellence in innovation and customer service, solidifying Statrys' role as a leader in fintech.

About Statrys

Statrys is a leading fintech company providing a wide range of payment solutions for SMEs across the APAC region. With a strong focus on regulatory compliance, personalized customer support, and competitive rates, Statrys is paving the way as the go-to payment solution for SMEs.

To learn more about Statrys and its range of cross-border payment solutions, visit www.statrys.com.

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