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Which currencies are supported by my business account?

Your Statrys Business Account allows you to do business around the world with just one account number. Currently, we support 11 different currencies for incoming payments, including:

  1. HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
  2. AUD - Australian Dollar
  3. CAD - Canadian Dollar
  4. CHF - Swiss Franc
  5. RMB - Chinese Yuan
  6. EUR - Euro
  7. GBP - British Pound
  8. JPY - Japanese Yen
  9. NZD - New Zealand Dollar
  10. SGD - Singaporean Dollar
  11. USD - US Dollar

If you receive a payment in any of these currencies, it will be credited to your account in the same currency, and you can choose whether or not to convert it. You can also make payments or transfers in any of these currencies directly from your account.

Additionally, for outgoing payments, we support a broader range of 17 currencies (including THB, VND, INR, IDR, PHP, and TRY) of which 11 of them can be transferred using a local network to help you save cost and time.


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