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How to Open a Mox Bank Account Online in 2023

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Mox is a Hong Kong virtual bank backed by Standard Chartered, providing a free personal account that can be opened via mobile app in minutes.

To open a Mox Bank account, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid HKID (permanent or non-permanent) and proof of address in Hong Kong.

Mox Bank was launched in 2020 and is one of Hong Kong’s 8 virtual banks. 

It is owned and operated by some of the industry giants in Hong Kong, including:

  • Standard Chartered Group (a leading international banking institution).
  • HKT (Hong Kong’s leading telecom).
  • PCCW (multimedia, entertainment, property development, and investment group).
  • (largest online travel agency in Asia).

Unlike traditional banks, Mox operates solely as a mobile app, offering a range of retail banking services accompanied by lifestyle benefits, investment opportunities, and robust financial security.

If you are interested in opening a Mox Bank account, this article will guide you through the eligibility requirements and step-by-step process to open your Mox account. We will also give you an overview of the benefits you can expect from having a Mox account.

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Requirements for Opening a Mox Account

To open a new Mox account, you have to meet some criteria.

  • You need a valid Hong Kong Identity Card for either a permanent or non-permanent resident. Foreigners who work in Hong Kong or visit the city frequently can get a valid non-permanent residence card.
  • If you don’t reside in Hong Kong for any period of time, then you can’t open a Mox account. 
  • Provide proof of address in Hong Kong that’s in your name.
  • You must be 18 years or older to open a Mox account.

Required Documentation

Moreover, you will need to prepare some documentation to complete the application process.

Here’s the list of required information:

  • Personal Documents: Identification documents such as a passport, Hong Kong ID, or Real ID. Additionally, you’ll need to provide your nationality, place of birth, and preferred name.
  • Contact Information: Your phone number, mailing address, and email address.
  • Tax Documents: Your tax ID from your country and city
  • Occupational Details: You must provide your occupation and your annual income.
  • Preferences for Receiving Marketing Information: You will need to indicate to Mox Bank whether you consent to receive any marketing materials.
  • Purpose of the Account: Lastly, you will need to provide Mox with the purpose of your bank account.

How to Open a Mox Bank Account

Opening a Mox Bank account is quick and easy, provided you meet eligibility requirements and have all the necessary documents.

Here are the steps to open a Mox Bank account:

Step 1 - Download the Mox Bank App

Step 2 - Tap “Open an account.”

Step 3 - Enter your name, mobile number, and email address

Step 4 - Enable push notifications (optional)

Step 5 - Scan the front and back of your HKID

Step 6 - Take a selfie for verification

Step 7 - Choose how your name is displayed on the card

Step 8 - Fill in your tax and other personal information

Step 9 - Create a 6-digit passcode

Step 10 - Set up facial/fingerprint recognition (optional)

Step 11 - Answer additional questions

Step 12 - Confirm all details

Setting up a Mox account is straightforward. Most qualified users can create an account in a few minutes.

Benefits of Mox Bank Accounts

There are several perks available to Mox account holders, including

High-Interest Savings 

Mox Bank provides a good saving opportunity with high-interest rates. Clients can deposit money and earn up to 4% interest with a 12-month tenor. It’s important to note that you can withdraw your funds early for free. However, you will not receive any interest.

Built-in Savings Goals

Mox Bank makes saving easy. You can create a Goal account to set a savings target and use spending rules to control your expenses. The money you allocate stays untouched, enabling you to save as much as possible.


Clients can earn 0.5% cashback for all transactions made with their Mox debit card. 

In addition, clients can earn unlimited 1% cashback for all eligible transactions when using the Mox credit card. On top of that, clients can earn 3% cashback when making purchases with selected merchants.

Please note that these perks are subject to change. Visit the Mox CashBack Table page for up-to-date information.

Is Mox Bank Safe?

Yes, Mox Bank is safe.

Mox Bank is a virtual bank regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong, which protects eligible deposits up to HKD500,000.

Mox Bank is also backed by Standard Chartered, a well-trusted international bank.

Moreover, Mox Bank uses multi-level security procedures, including tools and techniques for encryption, identity verification, and fraud prevention, to protect their customers' accounts, transactions, and personal information. Hence, your account and personal information are in safe hands.

This review is based on information on the Mox Bank website as of September 2023.

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