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To create an invoice, get started with our  blank invoice template. Add your company logo, contact details, and company details (legal name, address, etc.).

The date will be automatically added as of the current day. It is always good to include a due date in a professional invoice, so the client knows when the invoice shall be paid, given a certain period agreed upon with the client.

Next are your client's details to whom the invoice is addressed.

The invoice number is created automatically, but you can customize it to your country's needs or preferences. Remember that different countries have different requirements regarding invoice numeration and/or naming conventions.

Now, it is time to move on to filling up the items sold, or the services provided that you want to charge for.

With our custom invoice generator, you can fill out your invoice by tasks or items.

If you are charging an hourly rate for tasks or services:

Get started by adding the title of the service or task along with a short description. Those must be clear and easy to remember for your client to understand quickly. Next is the hourly rate you wish to apply and the number of hours you dedicate to it.

If you are charging by items or products, you will find a section below.

Add a title and/or a description to clarify what you are billing. Fill up the quantity field with the number of products/items sold and the price field to reflect the price of these products/items.

We recommend you add one item per line.

In both cases, the total value of each row will appear on the Total field on the right.

Once all the products or services have been added, all the essential elements are there. The remaining step is to fill up any discount or tax rate applicable to your business.

Additionally, you can add a note on payment information, clarifying the payment methods you require. It is always easier to add information for online payments, so the client has options to pay quickly.

It's done. The next step is to click “finalize” to save the invoice and generate the PDF invoice.


Using an invoice generator is a quick way of generating a custom invoice without the hassle. Just fill in the blanks as you would with a normal invoice, and then save it to generate your online PDF invoice.

When you have filled up and completed an invoice, you can hit the 'finalize' button to download a PDF file. With this file, you can open your email program of choice and send your client the invoice directly.

Generally, an invoice must include the company information, the client information, the concepts with prices, and any tax rate or discount, if applicable. Adding a preferred payment method is always wise to make it easier for the client to pay.

A due date helps clarify for the clients that the invoice shall be paid in a specific time.

The classic alternative, and the old way, would be using an invoice template in Excel or Word. Still, once you do invoices regularly, you will realize it can be time-consuming and, therefore, worth automating:

  • You will need to duplicate the file every time.
  • Search for, and paste the customer data every time or save each one on a different template.
  • You will need to be very neat in naming your files to access them in the future.
  • If you want to know the amount combined of certain invoices, you need to open each to access the information manually.

Each minute you spend doing these manual tasks is a minute you could spend doing something to increase business!

Make sure you add all information necessary to pay your invoice. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the client to pay on time. Online payments are the quickest, and it is usually a good idea to include a link, if available, as a way to accept payments.

Generally, the payment terms refer to the information on how, when, and by which method clients shall pay the invoice you send. Sometimes they can include any penalties if the payment is delayed.

A key aspect of business success is getting paid on time for the services or goods provided. Professional-looking invoices, using a suitable template and including all information, make it easier and quicker for clients to pay you.

Below you will find a sample invoice created with our free invoice generator. You can refer to it when making yours.

invoice generator example template

Yes, very easily. You will see a field at the top of the Statrys invoice generator for uploading your company logo. You can either browse within your files or drag and drop it into place. The Statrys invoice generator accepts both JPEG and PNG images.


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