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Neobanks: Complete List of Neobanks Around the World [213]

Statrys Team
Published: 27 Jan 2021


    List of 213 Neobanks Worldwide

    Here's a list of Neobanks all over the world that are either accredited banking institutions in their local regions or providing a service equal to that of their local bank counterparts.

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    Region: North America

    NeoBank Website Head Office Location Payment Method Who is this for? (Target Market) Personal/Business Features (As stated on their website)
    Arrival United States Debit card Startups, Freelancers, crypto or block-chain related businessess, expats etc. (Rejects from traditional banks) Business Accounting software, Account management, Online marketplace/Lending platform, Invoicing and Factoring (All Coming soon)
    Aslo United States Debit card Businesses Business Instant transfers, Invoicing, Bill payment system, Envelope budgeting, Accountant access (pro version)
    Acorns United States Debit card All. Adults, Children, Investors. Personal Job searching from the app, Earn money when you shop, Retirement account
    Aspiration United States Debit card Environmentalists Personal Plants a tree as you shop, 100% fossil fuel free profesionally managed funds
    Bambu United States Debit card US & Latin American Residents Personal No SSN Required, Free VISA card
    Bank Mobile United States Debit/Credit card All. Students (Bank Mobile Students Refi) Personal Student Loan refinancing, Chekcing accounts, Personal loans
    Bella United States Debit card People who are seeking a more peaceful banking environment Personal Random rewards from spending (5-200% cashback when using debit), Themed around love, empathy, kindness.
    Betterbank (Early Access) United States Debit card N/A N/A N/A
    Betterment United States Debit card All Personal Robo-Advisor - Technology management and guidance. Cash reserves feature, investment aid, retirement plan
    Branch United States Debit card Employees (Issued by employers) Personal Earned wage access (Instant Pay)
    Bridge Money United States Debit card All Personal Feeless, No credit check required
    Capway (Waitlist) United States Debit card N/A Personal Save and set money goals, FDIC insured
    Cheese (Waitlist) United States Debit card N/A Personal Zero fee, Cashback debit card, FDIC insured
    Chime United States Debit card Americans Personal Early paycheck with direct deposit, built in automatic savings
    Cogni United States Debit card, Single use cards All Individuals Personal FDIC Insurance, Single use cards. Feeless 55,000 atms, 256bit encription
    Copper United States Debit card Teens (and their parents) Personal FDIC insured, encription, education on spending/saving
    Credit Sesame United States Debit card People who want to manage money and credit Personal Early paycheck, Cash rewards for improving credit score, Cashback offers
    Current United States Debit card Teens to Working age Personal Early paycheck with direct deposit. 55,000 atm feeless, gas hold refunds, savings pods
    Dave United States Debit card All Individuals Personal Up to $100 advances without fees, early paycheck, credit building opportunities.
    Daylight United States Debit card LTGBQ+ Personal Balance analytics, Personalized savings goals, Automated savings
    Douugh United States Debit card People who want to save/manage money better Personal Bill management 'Jar' separate from checking account. Week/Monthly Reports.
    Empower United States Debit card Aimed at Millenials Personal Cash advance, expenditure tracking, Invest checking
    Envel United States Debit card AI consumer bank seekers Personal Organize money into envelopes, AI tech optimisation. Applepay integration.
    Extra (Launching Winter 2020) United States Debit card Solution to credit card dept Personal Earn reward points with debit card, build credit history.
    Finch Money United States Debit card Investors. Only available for iOS users currently. . Personal Automatic investments, Investment recommendations. Investing and checking in one.
    Gobank United States Debit card All Individuals Personal Free ATM network, Deposit cash nationwide, Pay bills online. Advises on purchases (Within budget?). Set up a budget.
    Good Money (Waitlist) United States Debit card Ecofriendly individuals Personal Supporting protection of rainforests, animals.
    Greenlight United States Debit card Teens (Their parents), Busy families Personal Easily provide your children with funds, automatic allowances, notifications for parents
    Greenwood United States Debit card Black and Latinx, Small business. Personal/Business FDIC insured, Donation to charity via roudups, $10,000 every month to black/latinx small businesses.
    Happy Money United States Debit card Solution to credit card dept Personal Sustainable partnership, installment loans to hep against credit card debt, Scoring and risk assesment.
    HMBradley United States Debit/Credit card Big savers Personal Earn up to 3% APY depending on your saving, see spending habits, better saving = better intrest rates.
    Ivella (Waitlist) United States Debit card Couples Personal FDIC Insured, Financial management for couples (Ratio, Saving, Spending, Joint balance in seperate accounts)
    Koho Canada Debit card All Individuals Personal Early payroll, 1.2% intrest on balance, cashback on all purchases, automate savings (Roundups & Goals), variety of debit card types (Joint, Metal, Premium)
    Letter (Early access/Waitlist) United States Debit card High Net Worth individuals Personal Customizable debit cards, auto donate to charity (partnership), investment opportunities, NFC within card.
    Level United States Debit card All Individuals Personal 1.5% cashback on purchases, free cash advance ($500 no intrest), scheduled transfers, instant lock card through app, early packcheck, no overdraft fees.
    Linus United States Debit card Cyptocurrency users Personal Up to 4.5% APY, no charge for withdrawals, uses digital assets called stablecoins.
    Long Game United States Debit card Casual, Consumer friendly, Mini-game like (Gamified) Personal Personalised interface, Rewards based savings.
    Lucky Card (Reserve card) United States Debit card Casual Individuals (Website is not extensive) Personal Chance to win $5-$1000 when using the debit card. Specific rules are stated here:
    M1 Finance United States Debit card Investors Personal Automate finances, intelligent financial tools, smart money management. FDIC insured.
    Mercury United States Debit card Tech companies Business API access, Team management, automate cash management, company analytics, no service charges.
    Majority United States Debit card Migrants No transfer fees, FDIC insured, Free international calls (24 countries)
    Marygold & Co. (Waitlist) United States Debit card United States residents Personal FDIC Insured, Earn Intrest though savings account, Early paycheck with direct deposit
    Meed Banking Club (Becoming Tend) United States Debit card N/A N/A Becoming Tend (
    MoneyLion (Website not accesible) United States Debit card N/A N/A N/A
    Monzo (Waitlist) UK Debit card All, teens to adults Personal FDIC Insured, Can allocate money into 'pots' seperate from main balance to manage spending. Can freeze card from app.
    N26 Germany Debit card All Individuals Personal Debit card perks (partner discounts, cashback on subsciptions)
    North Loop United States Debit card All individuals and businesses Personal/Business $50 on first deposit of $1000, Checking accounts, NRE/NRO accounts, Instant global remittances, loans guaranteed, retirement planning, advisory.
    Novo United States Debit card Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Business Free transfers, mailed checks, and incoming wires, Can connect to pther services (stripe, slack, shopify etc.) Debit card accepted worldwide.
    Neo Fiancial Canada Credit card Canadians Personal Cash rewards when using the credit card. Savings at 1.55% intrest. Set spending limits and freeze card from the app.
    One Finance United States Debit card Individuals focused on better financial management Personal Early paycheck, manage finance and build savings. 3% APY with card Auto-save, FDIC insured.
    onJuno United States Debit card Everyone Personal Checking account (2.15% savings on deposits) 5% cashback on 5 brands of your choice.
    Oxygen United States Debit card Entrepreneurs, Free thinkers (personal), Pioneers (business) Personal/Business Early Paycheck, cashback, no monthly fees, easy deposits, flag expenses, app controls and alerts.
    Passbook by Remitly (Limited Access) United States Debit card Multinationals Personal Cashback on international transfers, customisable flag on debit card, no foreign transaction fees
    Pinch (Waitlist) United States Debit card Creators, Gamers, Streamers Personal If creator's fans use pinch the creator with start earning revenue from their card swipes. The fans will also recieve points if they have a Sub account.
    Point (Limited Access) United States Debit card All Individuals Personal Protection against credit card debts. Offers rewards (bonus cashback on netflix, spotify and more). Integrated insurance (phone, purchase, trip, car rental). Various bonuses with membership.
    Purple United States Debit card People with special needs Personal Track spending freeze card from the app. Every swipe will contribute to the Special olympics. Recieve SSI and SSDI.
    Qapital United States Debit card Budding investors, individuals who want to improve their savings Personal Integrated goals and rules with smart saving, pre-built portfolios for investors, divide up significat deposits with 'payday divvy'. Money mission challenges.
    Qube Money United States Debit card Families with children (Joint and child account) Personal Real-time financial awareness, Joint banking, cash envelopes, child bank account.
    Revolut (Coming to US soon) UK Debit card Individuals and Businesses Personal/Business Multicurrency account, Real exchange rate, early paycheck through direct deposits. Anti-fraud system, spending analytics, savings and personal vaults, daily discounts and cashback.
    Robinhood (Limited Access) United States Debit card Investing for Everyone Personal Commions free investing, built to make investing more intuative, affordable and fun regardless of experience.
    Sable United States Debit card Everyone (Global bank account), Targeted slightly at U.S citizens Personal FDIC Insured, No social security number needed, can build up your U.S credit rating, free international transfers
    Save (Reserve account) United States Debit card Investors Personal 100% insured initial deposit, Average returns of 3.12% for the debit invest card into diversed potfolios.
    Simple United States Debit card Individuals looking for a simple neobank Personal Automatically manages expenses and goals, spend with certainty by using the budgeting tool. Set up reoccuring expenses in the app.
    SoFi (SoFi Money) United States Debit card Everyone Personal Several products catered towards your specific needs. 55,000 fee-free atms, set up direct or recurring deposits, earn cashback rewards, joint accounts.
    Stash United States Debit card Individual interested in investing, planning their future Personal Investment centered, fractional shares, stock back card (get stock when using the card), 3 Investment plans, retirement/fammily planning.
    Stack Canada Debit card Targeted at travelers Personal Instant cash-back at over 140 retailers, no foreign exchange fees, no atm withdrawal fees. Track spending with financial IQ feature. Auto savings, split bill/tab instantly within app.
    Step (Limited Access) United States Debit card Teens Personal No fees or intrest, FDIC Insured, track and manage using the application, send and recieve money instantly.
    Stilt United States Debit card Immigrants and the underserved (loans) Personal No SSN Required, No cosigner required. Low intrest rates and no repayment fees. Centered around giving loans.
    Tangerine Canada Debit/Credit card Canadian Residents Personal Real time monitoring of transactions, Investment and borrowing tools, cash-back credit card.
    Transferwise United States Debit card Everyone (Globally), also has business account option Personal/Business They use the real exchange rates, global support. Easy and effortless to use, multi-currency accounts. Free registration.
    Unifimoney United States Debit/Credit card High Net Worth individuals Personal High-yield checking account, investment application. Effortlessly maximise returns on assets. FDIC insured up to $750,000.
    Varo United States Debit card Everyone Personal Early paycheck, No fees. Automatic savings tool with savings account, earn intrest woth high APY. FDIC insured.
    Wealthfront United States Debit card Robo-Advisor seekers. People looking for an automated technology driven banking service. Personal Use technology to optimize finances across spending, savings and investments. Automate investments. Borrow quickly and easily at low rates.
    Yotta Savings United States App All individuals looking for chance to win cash, prize oriented. Personal Chance to win $10million every week (users have won over $500,000 already) by depositing .100% free.
    Zeta United States Joint debit card Couples (Joint account) Personal Simple funding and management via joint accounts. Reminders for reccuring bills. Mobile check deposit, digital checks. FDIC insured $500,000.
    Zero United States Credit card Individuals seeking a debit-style experience from a cash back credit card. Personal Debit-style experience with cash back credit card. Amount of cashback depends on which card you have (1-3%). Zero fees that banks usually charge.
    Zoro Card (Early access) United States Debit card Individuals wanting to build their credit with a debit card Personal Build credit with a debit card when making purchases and paying bills. Start building a financial future.

    Region: South America

    Agibank Brazil Debit card Brazilian Customers Personal Loan fast and easily without bureaucracy. Has physical branches as well. Payment via QR code. No costs for account registration.
    Albo Mexico Debit card Mexican Customers/Residents Personal/Business Free debit card. No fees for minimm balances, intermediary bank charges and monthly payments. Pay utilities within the app.
    B89 Peru Debit card N/A N/A N/A
    Banco inter Brazil Credit card Brazilian Customers Personal 100% Free account. Digital check deposits , investments through the application.
    Banco Pan Brazil Debit card N/A N/A N/A
    Broxel Mexico Debit card Spanish speaking customers (Website only in spanish), Family plan offered. Personal QR code transfers, register any card (debit or credit) from the app. Control of card settings within the app. Optional family plan (cards for children)
    Brubank Argentina Debit card Southern American based Personal Security (biometrics, two-factor authentication, one device at a time), immediate transfers, organise and understand expenses. No costs.
    C6 bank Brazil Debit/Credit card Portugese speaking customers (Website only in portugese) Personal/Business Free withdrawals and transfers, 23/7 service. Many different products, investment platform/application. Exclusive bonuses and benefits of being a customer.
    Cuenca Mexico Debit card Mexican nationals (Mexican passport needed to apply) Personal Make transfers electronically 24/7, pay rent/utilities/online shopping etc.Open account in lesss than 5minutes.Virtual and physical card. Free transfers to other cuenca banks.
    Enso Mexico Debit card Mexican, spanish speaking customers (Website is only in Spanish) Personal Send money to friends with just their phone number. Instant and feeless transfers. No need for CLABE, account or card number, contacts act as accounts to transfer funds.
    Evva Mexico Debit card (Coming soon) Mexican residents (Freelancer, small/medium business) Business Mastercard coming soon exclusively to handle business expenses. Business financing with uniclick by unfin.
    Fink Mexico Debit card Everyone, inteded to make investments more accessible Personal Investment centered (access to invest in fraction of shares) commisionless. Catogarize spending and set monthly budgets from the app. Pay utilities/services.
    Fondeadora Mexico Debit card Mexican residents/speakers Personal Zero bueaucracy. Card has no commission, opening and minimum balance fees. Immediate transfers 24/7.
    Hey Banco Mexico Credit card Freelancers and entrepreneurs. Focus on savings and inverstment. Personal Money coach tool provides a spending plan to save money. Automatic returns via savings account and credit card.
    Klar Mexico Debit card Mexicans Personal No commissions charged, rewards for using the card (cash not points). Fast, flexible and transparent credit.
    Ligo Peru Debit card Peru citizens Personal Withdraw paypal balance from Ligo. No hidden charges or maintenance charges. Discounts and promitions via the app. Payment with QR.
    Mach Chile Debit card Spanish speaking customers (Website only in spanish). Individuals and businesses (machpay) Personal/Business Exclusive benefits for mach users including discounts in shops, chances to win cash when paying with mach or using the mach coupon when making purchases.
    Meu pag! Brazil Debit card N/A N/A N/A
    Nelo Mexico Virtual debit card Spanish speaking individuals, based in mexico. Personal Top-ups and service payments. Instant transfers. Possibility to request loans up to $10,000. Whatsapp customer service.
    Neon Brazil Debit/Credit card Portugese speaking customers (Website only in portugese) Personal Free service with instant transfers. No annual fee on credit card. Debit card also an option.Sumplified investing and saving. Loans possible.
    Nequi Colombia Debit card Based in Colombia. Aimed at south american or mexican residents. Personal Can recieve solidarity income. Pay Lanbal and Leonisa bills (catalog sellers). QR code payments. Set automatic savings goals. Top up cellphone, playstation, xbox.
    Next Brazil Credit card Targeted at Brazilian customers Personal Free and unlimited transfers to all banks. Free and unlimited withdrawals at Bradesco and Banco24Horas ATMs. Exclusive benefits such as discounts and free subsciption to services.Cashback on partner sites. Investment options and loans.
    NuBank Brazil Debit card Targeted at Brazilian customers Personal Free and unlimited transfers. International mastercard for free. Only fee is for withdrawals.
    Original Brazil Credit card All individual/entrepreneurs in Brazil. Company account is also an option. Personal/Business Luck/Lottery based Neobank. Transaction made/recieved generates Pix. More Pix = More chances of winning (R $ 50,000.00).
    Oyster Mexico Debit card Spanish speaking individuals, based in mexico. Personal 24/7 transfers. Schedule recurring payments and control expenses. Accounts can have multiple users.Organize transactions and set saving goals.
    RappiPay Mexico Debit card Accepted worldwide. Mainly targets mexican customers as website is in spanish Personal Pay for utilities all from your mobile phone. Send and recieve payments in 1 minute. Check transaction in real time. Up to 3% cashback for credit card, no annuity, various benefits.
    Rebanking Argentina Debit card Targeted at countries that use Pesos as their currency Personal Can choose colour of debit card. Earn intrest for having pesos in the account. Can exchange currency to dollars. Regulated by banco central of Argentina.
    Superdigital Brazil Debit card Brazilian Customers Personal 1 physical card and up to 5 virtual cards. Free as well as subsciption option.
    Swap Mexico Debit card Benefits for transfering to CLABE accounts (Mexico) Personal 24/7 transfers. Data encription and protected financial data. Fingerprint authetification optional. Can send to CLABE card or account without registration. Send money from whatsapp.
    Uala Argentina Debit card Users in Argentina Personal Send money free and on the spot to any other accounts. Pay bills, utilities from the app. 100% online service.
    Wilobank Argentina Debit card Users in Argentina Personal Easy, fast and simple. Both debit and credit card offered. Fixed term investing.Wilobank offers wide range of promotions and dicounts when using the debit card.

    Region: Africa and Middle East

    Bettr (Early Access) South Africa Debit card Teens/Youth Personal Can sign up via whats app. Zero monthly fees. Monitor spendings and grow savings.
    Dopay Egypt Debit card Businesses Owners, employers. Business Pay employees/contractors electronically. Simple, secure and fast. Issue visa cards to employees/contractors. Lowers risk and save time for companies.Helps to manage businesses.
    Hala Saudi Arabia Debit card Customers based in UAE or Saudi Arabia Personal Can link account to debit/credit cards. Send transactions easily and for free using their mobile number. Pay and redeem from the hala store.
    Ila Bahrain Debit card All individuals Personal Instand payments and transfers. Access statements and balance from anywhere. Earn tiered intrest (save more, earn more). Full control from the app. Link foreign currency accounts to app.
    Kuda Nigeria Debit card All individuals Personal Free withdrawals, no maintenance (card&account) fees. Free atm withdrawals at partner banks. Liscenced by Central Bank of Nigeria. Up to 15% intrest yearly. Smart budgets to plan/track spending.
    Meem Saudi Arabia Debit/Credit card Saudi Arabia and Bahrain residents Personal 3 accounts in 1 (Multi currency, Savings and Current). Debit and credit card offered. Personal finance features.Smart budgeting and savings tools. Control over bills and payments. Automatic sweep for compliant returns.
    Pepper Israel Debit card 16-18 year olds (Youth account) and all israeli individuals for regular account. Website and app is in Hebrew. Personal Accounts offered for adults and teens.International credit card.Benefits and discounts from using and purchasing the pepper card.
    Xpence (Waitlist) Dubai Debit card Freelancers, entrepreneurs, founders, startups, SMEs Personal Auto bookkeeping (categorizes transactions). Ability to attach invoice or reciepts to transactions. Visa debit cards can be issued to you and employees. Create invoices through the app. Instant and free transfers between xpence users.

    Region: Asia - Pacific

    86400 Australia Debit card All Individuals Personal No fee for banking. Automatic prediction for bills and subscriptions.Great intrest rates. Compatible with smart watches. Rates starting from 2.15% p.a.
    Airstar Bank Hong Kong Debit card Asian Based individuals (who use HKD/USD/CNY) Personal Customers can enjoy 3.6% p.a. for the first HKD20,000 deposits amount. 6 Month intrest rate protection.24/7 FPS instant transfers. HKD/USD/CNY account available.
    Aspire Singapore Debit card Businesses (SMEs, Startups, Eccomerces, Freelancers) Business Easy, fast and transparent. Used by 10,000 businesses and startups.Hourly syncs with Xero. Scheduled and bulk payments, auto-spend categorisation. Team member permission levels.Available on desktop as well.
    BigPay Malasia Debit card All Individuals Personal International remittance service. Tracks spending and topups. Card can be used overseas. Simple and easy to use.BigPay analytics help track/categorise spending all on one screen.
    Digibank by DBS Indonesia/India Debit card Individauls familiar with DBS services but want them mobile Personal Virtual assistant. Spending tracker. Can use fingerprint to open the account. Installment conversion. Ability to manage credit cards and exchange reward points.
    Douugh Australia Debit card All individuals. Focus on saving and money management. Personal Dedicated bills jar for spending on utility bills and subscriptions.Weekly and monthly reports.Automate money management.
    Hay Australia Debit card Travellers Personal Travel budgeting, feeless, Visualised data. Great exchange rates online and abroad with 0 fees.1% cashback for purchases under $10.
    InstantPay India Debit card Targeted at Indian customers Personal/Business 1% unlimited cashback for online spending. Set spending limits and pause/resume transacitons from app. Buy digital gold or invest in bank deposits. Powerful and secure API's.
    Jenius Indonesia Debit card All Individuals Personal/Business 4% p.a. intrest rate. Shop with virtual debit card online. Emergency fund ready at anytime. Manage 10 e-wallets with flexible topups.
    Jibun Bank Japan Debit card Japanese Residents Personal Currency deposits (Yen/foreign), FX, Robo advisor, Loans.
    K Bank South Korea Debit card Korean Citizens Personal/Business Insurance, Loans, Deposits & Installments
    Kakao Bank South Korea Debit card Korean Citizens Personal Overseas remittance, Deposits & Installments, Loans.
    Kyash Japan Debit card Japnanese Citizens Personal Pay with apple and google pay. Select from 3 different debit cards all with differing features and benefits.
    Livi Bank Hong Kong Debit card All Individuals Personal Point earning system. No fees or minimum deposit. Can choose fingerprint or face recognition to login.
    Mox by Standard Chartered Hong Kong Debit card All Individuals Personal Smart banking + Saving
    MYBank China Debit card Chinese Citizens (Website in Chinese only) Personal Safe and secure. Real time large purchase and redemption. Face recognition technology.
    Neat Hong Kong Debit card Businesses, Entrepreneurs Business 1% cashback when usnig the debit card. Fast, easy and cost effective transfers to local and international banks.
    NiYo India Debit card Indian Residents Personal Up to 7% intrest p.a on savings account. Free debit card. No ATM transaction fees. Build mutual fund portfolio. International investments. 0% forex markup.
    Open India Debit card Indian Residents Personal N/A
    PEObank Hong Kong Debit card SME's, Businesses Personal/Business Investment Banking, Asset management
    Sony Bank Japan Debit card Japan Residents Personal Foreign currency accounts (12) and remittance.
    Timo Vietnam Debit/Credit card Vietnam Residents Personal Member privileges, Investment
    TMRW by UOB Thailand Debit/Credit card Thai, Indonedian Residents Personal Up to 3% cashback when using the credit card. Insight cards provides advice depending on your spending patterns. In app rewards program for saving.
    Tonik (Launching Soon) (Launching soon) Philippines Debit card Filipinos Personal N/A
    Tyro Payments Australia Debit card Ecommerce businesses. Personal/Business Flexible funding, full xero integration. Ecommerce payment solutions.
    Up Australia Debit card Individuals with a focus on saving. Personal Savings goals, Feeless overseas payment. No monthly fees.Earn up to 1.10% per annum. Auto spend categorisatio and tracking.
    Volt Bank (Beta) (Beta) Australia Debit card All. Simplicity and saving focus. Personal 1% p.a intrest rate. Transparent rates and fees.Savings challenges to help you build a healthy saving habit.
    Walrus India Debit card Teens (Gen Z) Personal Rewarding System
    We Bank China Debit card SMEs Personal/Business SME loans. Focus on integration of technology in banking (AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing etc)
    WeLab Bank Hong Kong Debit card All individuals Personal Socially-Driven time deposit. Zero withdrawal fees. More joiners = higher rates for all. 5% cash rebate when using the debit card (FRI-SUN).
    Yono by SBI India Credit card Individuals focused on investment and loan offerings Personal Financial security and insurance. Grow your funds with investment products (Mutual funds and securities). Loans (Car, home, education)
    YouTrip Singapore Debit card Singaporean debit/credit holders. Personal Multicurrency travel wallet (Pay with no fees). 24/7 transactions and 3min registration time. In app exchanges for 10 currencies.
    ZA Bank Hong Kong Debit card Individuals and Businesses based in HK/Asia Personal/Business Personalised debit card number, up to 11% rebate upon purchase. No annual/intrest/late fees.Loans up to 1m HKD, Guaranteed 0.07% monthly flat rate for a loan of HKD200,000 or above, APR as low as 1.45%.

    Region: Europe

    220 Bank (Waitlist) United Kingdom Debit card Entrepreneurs, influencers, innovators and investors Personal Metal debit card. Sense of sophistication and exclusivity from website.
    Alpain Switzerland Debit card Individuals who want to build their wealth Personal Personal wealth management offering, and tailored investment products
    Anytime France Debit card Individuals or Business owners in Europe Business Provides you with local french or belgian IBAN. Professional and personal account offered. No transaction fees.Make transactions in europe in over 33 currencies.Tresury advance. Client direct debit.
    Aoin Belgium Debit card European businesses/individuals Personal/Business Borrow with low intrest loans. 100% digital and transparent. Earn on high intrest savings accounts. No hidden fees. Easy, automated investing and money savings tools.
    Atom Bank United Kingdom Debit card Individuals looking for mortgage services. Personal Fixed term savings of 0.60% AER. Fast, straightforward mortgages.Business loans.
    Bitwala Germany Debit card Customers into crypto trading Personal Fee-free (no maintenance, monthly fees or minumum balance). Free debit card. Crypto currency trading and banking in one app.
    Bnext Spain Debit card Spanish residents and speakers Personal No commissions. Request money from friends.Rewards program. Control expenses and manage money 100% online.
    BuddyBank Italy Debit card Italian speakers living in the SEPA zone. Personal Free transfers in the SEPA zone. 24/7 service banking services.Pay for utility services.Request/charge TELEPASS.Pay with apple and google pay.
    Bunq Netherlands Debit card All individuals (Europe). Also option for business accounts. Personal/Business 3 accounts options (easyMoney, easyGreen and easyTravel). Pay with google and apple pay. Request refund for failed card payments. Batch payments option. Instant payments. No extra fx charge. Travel assistant and bunq deals.
    Coconut United Kingdom Debit card Freelancers, Self employees, SMEs Business Connect existing bank accounts. Categorises business expenses. Create and send invoices. Sort taxes through the app.Helps to work with your accountant.
    Countingup United Kingdom Debit card Small businesses Business Automates accounting (bookkeeping and invoice matching), saves time to focus on building businesses.Seamless contact with accountant. Invoicing on the go. Business freindly pricing.
    CSX by Credit Suisse Switzerland Debit card All individuals Personal Uncomplicated and transparent, quick and safe. Real people client service.Account and card starting for free. No transaction fees worldwide. 20% off streaming packages.
    Curve United Kingdom Debit card All individuals Personal Can connect all your credit and debit cards to modernise your banking. Works with apple, google and samsung pay.Great exchange rate when travelling and cashback from favorite brands.
    Dozens United Kingdom Debit card All individuals Personal Free UK current account, debit card and delivery. No fees when using and withdrawing abroad. Direct debits.Automatic savings and budgeting tools.
    EasyEuro France Debit card European and Asian business communities. Personal Multi-currency account, access to great exchange rates. Trasfer funds through local settlement networks. Bulk payment option. Issuing debit card and IBAN.Integrations with WeChat pay and AliPay.
    Fidor Bank Germany Debit card Busineses or Individuals based in Germany Personal/Business Direct link with Fidor installment loans. Deposit and withdraw at 12,000 stores germany wide.
    Fire Ireland Debit card Employers/Business owners Business Automate payment processes. Faster, more cost effective and secure payments.API services. Dual currency account (EUR and GBP).
    Gimi Sweden Debit card Teens and children. Personal Track all activity within app.Subsccription based service. Schedule pocket money. Helps families manage their childrens allowance.
    Go Henry United Kingdom Debit card Teens and children. Personal Teach healthly spending habits. Pay pocket money. Helps kids learn money skills and introduces them to spending and saving real money.
    Hello bank! France Debit card French citizens Personal Payments are free of charge abroad (your withdrawals also with the Hello Prime offer). Project funding. Financial investment and insurance services.
    Holvi Finland Debit card Self employees, freelancers. Personal Invoices, expenses and tax preparations – all in one account. Create, send, track and store reports with professional invoices. Automate everyday bookkeeping tasks.
    Hype Italy Debit card Individual living in Eurozone. Bitcoin traders. Personal Cashback up to 10% on online purchases. Free transfers. Free withdrawas and payments in euros. Can buy, trade and sell bitcoin
    ImaginBank Spain Debit card Spanish citizens. 'ImaginTeens' account also an option for teens under 18. Personal No fees or paperwork. Savings, investing and finance all in one from the app.
    Indo (Early Access) Iceland Debit card All Individuals. Aim for simplicity, safety and transparency. Personal No annual fees or minimum deposit. Travel partner (cheaper payments abroad). 100% safe deposits (Central Bank of Iceland). Simple not complex. Only fees are for transfers.
    Kard France Debit card Teens, Parents, families (French) Personal Protected funds up to 100,000EUR. No overdraft possible. Teaches children to be independant and manage their own money. Dedicated parent interface. Schedule pocket money distribution.
    Knab Netherlands Debit card Freelancers, Self employees in the Netherlands Personal/Business Private and business account options. 1,000 free transactions annually. 50EUR gift for switching from traditional bank. Link with accounting programs. Helps with business insurance.
    Kontist Germany Debit card Freelancers, Self employees in Germany Personal Automated real-time bookkeeping. Seamlessly integrated tax service. Recieve 9EUR per month, automated liquidity analysis, separates business from personal finances. Real time tax forecasting. Accounting synchronisation.
    Lintel United Kingdom Debit card International students and professionals. (Living, woking or studying in the UK) Personal Prebook application so when you arrive in the UK the account is approved and ready to use. Multi-currency current account and debit card.
    Lunar Denmark Debit card Customers within the Nordic region. Personal Free debit card and account, no hidden fees. Get overview of your spending, set budgets, instant notifications. Set savings goals from the app, automatically rounds up spending with the card. Investment services offered. Exclusive discounts. France Debit card Professionals, entreprenuers Personal Fully transparent pricing with no hidden fees (one fee 29.99EUR subsciption fee). No transfer fees. Free of charge capital deposit certificate. Unlimited customizable corporate cards. Pay employees in minutes. A streamlined, ergonomic interface.
    mBank Poland Debit card Individuals and Businesses based in Poland Personal/Business Earn up to 160PLN for opening an account. Several account options (personal, savings, foreign currency, selfie, company accounts).
    Monese United Kingdom Debit card All individuals and businesses Personal/Business Real time spending notifications. Account is multicurrency (EUR,GBP,RON). Transfers between monese accounts or UK faster payment networks are free. Set weekly and monthly budgets.
    Monzo United Kingdom Debit card UK bank account users who want convenience and features of a neobank Personal/Business Extensive phone and travel insurance. All ban accounts and credit cards in one place. Intrest on your money and personalized budgeting. Earn up to 0.45% (AER/Gross fixed) interest on your savings.
    Muniy United Kingdom Debit card Personal for everyone and Business for big and small businesses Personal/Business Daily discounts and cashback. Manage finaces, get instant notifications. Can set auto reminders for bills or over budget expenses. Rounds up purchases for passive income.
    N26 Germany Debit card All individuals and businesses Personal/Business Free ATM withdrawals in Euros, free payments and free debit card. Direct customer service hotline. Organize your finances with 10 Spaces sub-accounts. Get insights on your spending habits with Statistics.
    Neon-free Switzerland Debit card All individuals Personal Zero fees when using card worldwide, no exchange rate spread. No base fees.Two factor authentification and deposit insurance.
    Nest Bank Poland Debit card Polish citizens Personal Free withdrawals from Euronet ATMs in Poland. Free account maintenence and debit card issuing. Pay and withdraw for free with BLIK.
    Nickel France Debit card Tabacco users in France Personal Patnered with Tabaccosts in France. No hidden costs, no overdraft. Real time information and simple tools to manage money.
    Nimbl United Kingdom Debit card Teens Personal N/A
    OakNorth United Kingdom Debit card Individuals focused on earning intrest Personal Competetive rates (Fixed term savings, notice accounts and easy access accounts). Main focus is on the intrest rate and services.
    Orange Bank France Debit card French citizens Personal Full control of card block/unblock from app. Change code at anytime for card. Real time notifications and updates.Pay using apple and google pay. 3 bank account options (Standard, Premium, Premium pack)
    Osper United Kingdom Debit card Teens/ Children Personal Turns pocket money into life lessons. Name embossed on prepaid debit card. Parents track spending and saving, allowance and lockign cards from app. Set up savings goals.
    P.F.C. Sweden Debit card All individuals Personal Makes money management simple and easy. Part payments, savings goals. Share, split and settle-up expenses. Beatiful visualisation and graphics to show spending habits.
    Penta Germany Debit card German businesses Business Visa debit cards for all employees. Up to 100,000EUR deposit insurance.Easy expense management with preparatory accounting. DATEV interface for tax accountant.
    Pixpay France Debit card Teens/Parents Personal 2 apps for the parent and the child. Learn how to manage budgets and spending. Instant transfers. Automatic distibution of pocket money. Allows payment with apple and google pay. Customizable security settings.
    Pockit United Kingdom Debit card All individuals Personal Earn up too 20GPB a month in cashback when you shop. Save up to 14GBP when paying bills. Build up your credit score.Pay people with ease in the UK and abroad.
    Prismea France Debit card Professionals, entreprenuers, freelancers, Start-ups (French) Business 3 different account packages for each business size (Freelance, Start up, Entrepreneur). Expert customer service. Instant payments and credits. Real time cash flow, alaysis and alerts.
    Qapital Sweden Debit card All Individuals with emphasis on savings/money management Personal Goals and rules to encourage saving. Pre-built portfolios for budding investors. Spend with google and apple pay. Payday divvy to cover commitments. Money missions and fun challanges.
    Qonto France Debit card Independant, SMEs, Entrepreneurs Business Simplifies accounting. No more expese reports. Automate finance management. Funds are secured and covered by the Deposit and Resolution Guarantee Fund. Qonto card can be added to apple wallet.
    Personal + Business United Kingdom Debit card All Personal No hidden fees. Ability to buy crypto currency and gold (exchanging commodities). Spending analytics to help manage your money. Junior account for kids. Money vaults to reach saving goals.
    Rocket Bank Russia Debit card Russian self employed citizens Personal Automated tax payment. 3% cashback with rocketbank card. No commisions for payments (Only russian banks)
    Rooster Money United Kingdom Debit card Teens/ Children (3+) Personal Keep track of allowance and spending, no deposits required. Chores and intrest rates with Rooster plus. Easy for parents, fun for kids and helps build good spending/saving habits.
    Shine France Debit card Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses. Based in France. Personal/Business Money insured by FDGR (100,000EUR). Unlimited history access. Multiple payment methods (SEPA bank cards, transfers, direct debits). Mastercard accepted everywhere and is 100% configurable.
    Soldo Italy Debit card Small to Large businesses, Accountants Personal Spending management platform built for businesses. Live insights, control over team spending budgets. Automated accounting. Two plan options for both business sizes.
    Starling Bank United Kingdom Debit card All businesses and individuals based in Europe Personal/Business Personal, joint, euro and business banking all in one. Get spending insights, work towards saving goals, split the bill, earn interest, control your overdraft with a slider in-app.Hold, send and receive euros for free with a Starling euro account.
    Tandem United Kingdom Debit card Individuals who want a savings partner Personal Autosavings. Earn 0.5% AER and protected by the FSCS up to £85,000. Fixed savers guaranteed intrest rates.
    Tide Bank United Kingdom Debit card Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses. Based in the UK Business Spend less time doing admin by allowing team to make purchases themselves. No opening account fee. DIfferent account plans for each business size. Auto categorisation, expense management and syncability with accounting software.
    Tinkoff Bank Russia Debit card SMEs In Russia Personal/Business Credits cards and cash loans offered. Products listed: Debit, current accounts and deposits, services for SME's, Investment, insurance and travel applications.
    Tomorrow Germany Debit card Ecofreindly individuals. Eco-warriors. Personal Protects the rainforest and fund sustainable projects with every euro spent. Supports positive change. Shop worldwide with 0 additional charges. Apple pay integration.
    Transferwise United Kingdom Debit card All individuals/businesses Personal/Business Multicurrency account (55 currencies).Spend with apple/google pay. Card works woldwide. UK account number, Euro IBAN, US routing number all in one account.
    Vivid Germany Debit card All individuals Personal Free metal card and checking account. Pay and send money instantly. Save money on fees while travelling. Manage money with budgeting/tracking. Set limits for certain categories. Pay with apple/google pay. Control subsciptions through the app.
    Xaalys France Debit card Teens (12-17) and their parents Personal Build good spending habits for your child, helps aquire financial and budgetary skills needed for the future. Block purchases in certain categories. Over 30 parental control features.Instantly transfer funds, no additional cost in the Euro zone. Automate pocket money deposits. Educating games, project pools, savings modules.
    Yapeal Switzerland Debit card All individuals Personal Spend with google/samsung/apple pay. Y3A precaution. Fully integrated e-bills. SAve money on eCom shopping and payments/ATMs aboad.
    ZAK Banque Cler Switzerland Debit card Swiss citizens, Teens (U18 account) Personal Full control over finances. Account, cards, budget overview, savings pots, transfers, standing orders, mobile payment all in one app. Cheapest account in Switzerland. U18 account for teens.

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