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What are the banned industries for the payment card?

Statrys Payment cards (both Virtual and Physical) cannot be used or to purchase any goods or services related to the following industries.

The list below is for indicative purposes only. It is not exhaustive and updated by Statrys from time to time:

Adult Entertainment and Dating

  • Escort or prostitution agencies
  • Customers selling pornography featuring children, rape, humiliation or bestiality
  • Subscription-based dating websites that do not have genuine, underlying matches or products

Assets and Securities

  • Dealers in precious metals and stones
  • Timeshare and real estate activities

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

  • Initial coin offering services
  • Unregulated crypto exchanges where licensing is a legal requirement
  • Payment services for privacy coins
  • Payment services for exchanges that utilize mixers/tumblers or any other method of concealing ownership of a coin
  • Payment services related to crypto-mining
  • Payment services related to crypto affiliates utilizing a multi-level marketing model
  • Crypto-related services other than to Exchanges (crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, and peer to peer)


  • Unlicensed gambling activities - must have relevant local licenses in EEA
  • Binary options
  • Skins/loot box trading


  • CBD/marijuana dispensaries
  • Illegal/synthetic drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription
  • Tobacco & electronic cigarettes


  • Armaments or defense manufactures and sales
  • Copyrighted media, software, or other hardware sold via any method (including streaming, sale of goods, etc.)
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Drug-related paraphernalia merchants, e.g. selling bongs, hookah
  • Government IDs, documents, or uniforms
  • Human body parts
  • Illegal telecommunications devices
  • Importers and/or retailers of second-hand vehicles or vehicle parts
  • Offensive goods related to crime, e.g. photographs memorabilia
  • Sale of arms/weapons
  • Pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials, e.g. fireworks, explosives toxic/flammable goods

Licencing and Legalities

  • Businesses domiciled in countries on FAT's high-risk or other monitored jurisdiction lists
  • CFD trading/spread betting
  • All unregulated CFD/FX traders
  • Companies incorporated by bearer shares
  • Groups, legal entities, bodies, and similar covered by UN resolutions and Community acts on financial sanctions (including those appearing on terror lists)
  • Groups, legal entities, bodies, and similar which have been sanctioned for major offenses (offenses which have entailed fines or imprisonment, and irrespective of when the client was sanctioned) in the UK, EU, USA, or other jurisdictions
  • Shell banks (a shell bank is one which is based in a country in which it has no physical presence involving meaningful decision-making and management and which is not officially connected to a regulated financial group)
  • Shell companies (a shell company is one which is based in a country in which it has no physical presence involving meaningful decision-making and management)
  • Unlicensed lawyers or legal services


  • Bail bondsman/bailiff services
  • Bidding Fee Auctions (penny auctions)
  • Financial institutions/money service businesses
  • All unregulated/inadequately licensed financial institutions/money service businesses
  • Virtual IBANs cannot be issued to other financial service customers. Financial services mean a company selling financial services products that would be regulated in the UK/EEA
  • Fortune tellers, tarot card and horoscope readers, and psychics
  • Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Non-licensed counseling centers
  • Pyramid schemes/multi-level marketing
  • Unregulated account aggregation providers or payment initiation service providers

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